Crotona Park East , The Bronx

By Nabewise


Known as both East Morrisania and Crotona, Crotona Park East has seen much change in recent years. Development has been constant and has extended from the streets into the area's eponymous park. Crotona Park offers the largest swimming pool in the Bronx, tennis courts, and baseball fields. The area is served by the 2 and 5 lines.


Top Votes – Score out of 100

Gritty 98
Public Transportation 63
Public Schools 58
Dining 56
Green space 56

Lowest – Score out of 100

Nightlife 44
Clean 38
Seniors 32
Safety 31
Income 1

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I don’t know how safe this area is. I friend was attacked the other week around here while chilling with his girlfriend and he lost his watch, wallet, and a tooth.Alex C

Crotona Park is one my favorite places, perfect in every way that a public park is obligated to feel perfect. I used to love playing tennis here until i hurt my knee. Not that I hurt my knee here, of course.

The swimming pool at the park is likewise very nice, and has options for the kids as well.Paul N

Crotona Park East, also known in some circles as Crotona or East Morrisania was immortalized in the 1970s when Jimmy Carter paid a visit to the burning Bronx. The area is no longer burning, but the neighborhood has a long way to go in terms of improvement.

Apartments are plentiful, albeit a bit run-down. The area is buzzing at all hours of the day with various people, from families to old and tired men that are as old as the buildings which they guard. Food options are chiefly bodegas and chicken places, and occasionally fast food. Better options can be found in nearby West Farms.

The neighborhood is nowhere near as dangerous as it used to be, but still has an air of crime and poverty. Its saving grace is the eponymous Crotona Park, with its vast meadows and famous tennis tournament.

Transportation is adequate, with several buses crossing the neighborhood and the 2 and 5 trains slicing through. In fact, by the train, condominiums are popping up— but gentrification is a long way off.Amelia