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top 5 best running shoes 2017

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whether you're tackling a road marathon or just a normal run the first thing you need to find is a decent pair of running shoes in this video we break down the top 5 best running shoes on the market today based on the specific categories of runners

so if you want to find the best running shoe for you stay tuned hey guys so in this video

we're going to be breaking a new top 5 best running shoes on the market today we know that running shoes are a very personal matter so personal in fact that research shows that comfort and fit are the most important factor while selecting a running shoe for this reason it would be impossible to make a list that would be valid for everybody or include everybody's favorite shoes don't worry though we break down each shoe into specific runners categories based on our picks for price comfort durability stability and much more to make sure we came up with the picks that will suit the person based on their specific preferences as always open to all products mentioned in this video or in the description down below if any new shoes or newer versions of the shoes mentioned here

I will update the description along with information on any sales that are happening on any of these products so if you want to find the best place to find the best price be sure to check out that description certain our list offer given our topic for street running shoes for dedicated running to the New Balance positive paste be two with an honorable mention going to the adidas Adistar boost DSM if you want to go fast and keep up for a long time than the New Balance vazee pace v2 are these shoes for you the body paces an ideal marathon running shoe with plenty of running support gear to the mid-foot striking great responsiveness and the ability to keep giving over long distances this is also a light shoe which will be appreciated as a mouse clock up as such some might call the foam a little thin but if your technique is correct it won't be an issue this trainer in effect encourages you to run write and reward you for doing

so I really like New Balance vazee pace v2 and running shoes baby comfort and speed you look for in a shoe well being built to correct and reward good running hat next up our pick city's best trail running shoe on the market today is the Polka one speed instinct with an honorable mention going to the New Balance Aussie summit if you're looking for an introduction to trail running the speed instinct is what you call a road slash trail hybrid comfortable enough to run on pavement but rugged enough to take you through some non-technical trail combine this with a very lightweight low style kite in a stable base and you have found yourself a solid trail running shoe

next of our pick to the best running shoes for flat feet is the Brooks Beast 14 with an honourable mention going to the adidas ultra boost if you have severe over pronation you may want to consider the brooks beast 14 brim for those with the worst cases of pronation this motion control runner is equipped with Brook staples like the bio Mogo DNA in the diagonal roll bar honestly for those with flat feet these shoes are so solid you'll forget the fact that your flat feet and it can really feel like nothing you've ever felt before once your feet hit the pavement

next up Arctic for the best minimalist run shoe on the market today is the Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 it's like it will likely be one of the most comfortable running shoes you will ever wear they go on like socks and feel like slippers plus there's plenty of room in the toe box which helps you prevent hot spot for such a light and low-profile shoe the cushioning is very good and after training these personally

I was very impressed my feet legs and body never felt wrapped even after a five-mile running them and last but not least our picks for the best maximal running shoes is the Asics 33-M 2 is a lightweight highly crushing trainer designed for runners with a neutral strike foot this shoe is an excellent option for runners looking for a trainer that can provide a natural maximum cushion rise remain lightweight and withstand the mileage this was very difficult to narrow down to just the top 5 best running shoes on the market today with literally hundreds of quality

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from so I love links to honorable mentions as well in the description down below along with lists of the best place to find the best prices on each of these like I mentioned earlier sales happen or any new revolutionary shoes take the market in the near future I will update the description as well so be sure to check that out because that is all for this video if you liked the video please hit that like button if you're new to the channel if you liked the video consider subscribing we do all kinds of giveaways on this channel here sometimes the products that we mentioned in these videos and the only way to be a part of those giveaways and the only way they know about those giveaways is by hitting the subscribe button down below as they are exclusively to subscribers anyway that is all for this video guys I hope you guys did enjoy till next time I will see you guys later