6pm shoe review

6pm.com shoes reviews

By Nabewise

what's up guys here with a review for 6pm.com not getting any sponsorship or any kind of percentage of this is just my unbiased opinion on you should buy or not right now in my personal experience already




yes their customer service is awesome i would always email them that would ask me in less than 24 hours they're often fall examples so it's a legit website you're getting authentic stuff legit that was my main concern which I later found out doing research on got 3 pairs of PF Flyers you and on you think about them little bit of background they started off in 19.33 it were their own company actually started off of the tire company after getting through the bridgestone

as you can see here i originally already recorded but it wasn't a really high resolution i couldn't handle it we're just shoe boxes in the box wasn't special Low

ell bubble packaging it all here I got some forest green PF Flyers you're running super size i would say pretty nice shoe they're pretty low though I never had no shoes I would run usually with just a high tops are made but I got to get used to it never bad getting used to something got some red lowes like the colorway on the midsole on these with the black and resting against the red white violets you don't see a lot of people wearing the really underrated high-quality their own by New Balance anniversary step on them back in the sixties i would say but they sold

the company what am i a while your balance pick them up and remember what year it was nothing about the couple years back these are my girlfriend's actually but they're all good condition everything that I expect these I thought were burgundy and these I thought with black witch in the video it might look like through black but actually just a really deep green don't mind i could get used to it find some use out of it as you can see the bottom looks warped it's on both lows

you can see I walked by me kind of like a more inverted it's not popping out but it isn't it I'm sure once I break my no go away but this one doesn't necessarily have it's got a tiny rule indent and your situation going on but not necessarily not as bad as other one like I said once I break them and once you break these in going to be okay yeah if you guys want to see a on foot video like subscribe comment and it's in high-end man then i will make a video but tell them thanks for watching