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Do you love wearing designer shoes but can’t afford the cost? Are your days too packed with work and family responsibilities to sort through flyers looking for shoe savings?  6pm promo 10 off , coupon for 6pm shoes , 6pm additional 30 coupon code , 6pm $5 coupon codes

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    Do you love wearing designer shoes but can't afford the cost? Are your days too packed with work and family responsibilities to sort through flyers looking for shoe savings? Are shipping costs stopping you from searching online for your favorite footwear? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to learn about 6pm.com, an online retailer managed by the popular Zappos.com that saves you time and money on your favorite designer purchases. Here are five tempting reasons to visit www.6pm.com.

    1. Brand names at lower costs. At 6pm.com, you can buy your favorite brand of shoes and enjoy up to 75 percent off in savings. You can choose from a large assortment of popular names such as Kenneth Cole, Nine West, Nike and Balance. 6pm.com differs from other online retailers in that all of its items are designer brands, making your searches faster, easier and more enjoyable. Whether you're searching for office shoes, sandals or the sportiest of sneakers, 6pm.com has it. Gone are the days of running from store to store in a mall or clicking through various Web sites only to find a small selection of your favorite brand. All of 6pm.com's designs are original, and they often feature styles that either have been discontinued or are difficult to find.

    2. New sales every day. Each morning, you can visit 6pm.com and see new savings opportunities. It's like having a one-day sale every day, in the comfort of your home. The Web site is easy to use; simply select the Shoes tab at the top of the page, and then select the type of shoe you want on the left. You can shop in both adult's and children's categories. You also can sort by brand, price, percent off and newest items. For at-a-glance sales information, view the color ads displayed at the top and right side of many pages — for example, invitations to earn up to 65 percent off on Reebok or Fila shoes.

    Another quick way to learn about sales is by subscribing to 6pm.com's newsletter. This e-mailed newsletter informs you about daily deals, new brands for sale and limited offers. In addition, you can follow 6pm.com on Facebook and Twitter. For the link to Twitter, which then directs you to Facebook, scroll to the bottom of the page.

    3. Safe shopping. When you make a purchase at 6pm.com, you can feel confident that your personal information is safe. A reputable technology called SSL (secure socket layer) encrypts your credit card number so that outsiders cannot view it as it travels across the Internet. This security is visible on your shopping cart pages with a lock icon on the page and the word "secure" in the page's URL. By using SSL, 6pm.com makes your privacy its priority.

    4. Points program. When you join the Brandaholic Bonus program, you begin earning points each time you spend. For every 400 points you earn, you enjoy 10 percent off on a future purchase. Spending $10 earns you 10 points, while spending $50.75 earns you 51. It's easy to see how attaining this bonus is quite reachable for a "brandaholic" such as yourself!

    Keep in mind that 6pm.com offers far more than just designer shoes. Here, you can choose among a wealth of brand items, such as clothing, handbags, hats, gloves and belts. The retailer offers selections for men, women and children, so you can shop for family and friends as well as yourself and really use the points program to your advantage.

    5. Free shipping. Unlike many online retailers, 6pm.com offers free standard shipping on all of your purchases, both large and small. You don't have to wait for a holiday season or other special time of year to enjoy this service, and you don't have to spend a required amount of money. Having free shipping every day all year gives you the freedom to shop and spend without worrying about what it will cost you at checkout time.

    If desired, you can ship your items faster for a reasonable fee. For more information, see the Customer Service section at the bottom of the page.

    With a wide selection of brand names, daily savings and free shipping, 6pm.com is the answer to your fashion needs. Visit www.6pm.com today, and start buying your favorite designer shoes at bargain prices.

    6pm shoes

    6PM.com is a noted online shopping website that has made a niche for themselves in the booming Internet shopping world. The website has made available vibrant arrays of fashion apparel and accessories in the broad categories of men, women, and children and branded shopping. These categories are further subdivided into finer classes of apparel, accessories, fashion wear and casual wear apart from stand alone items with real finesse. Besides the men, women and children categories, the branded shopping is exclusively dealt with through fluent microsites that have been integrated onto the main webpages. The visitor can directly navigate to indulge in shopping from the specific fashion brands of high popular appeal such as Nike, Finish Line, Clarks, Tommy Bahama, Buffalo, Hush Puppies and many more! The notable icon of 6PM.com is that it resonates with emergent fashion and lifestyle orientations by showcasing the products appropriately with high dynamism and vibrancy.

    The 6PM.com offer

    The online shopping portal offers great diversity of fashion and lifestyle products from the noted brands of the world. There's a plethora of products worth buying at 6PM, and among others the following are offered:

    Clothing for everyone: Men can choose from all forms of formal and casual apparel, shoes, watches, sunglasses, hats, belts, scarves, gloves, sweaters and much more. The Women’s section includes fashion clothing and apparel such as tops, jeans, pants, shorts, coats, sweaters, and other trendy wears. The section also showcases a vibrant category of footwear, bags and handbags, and sunglasses. There is even a section for Kids and Children–this section showcases a colorful and cozy line up of girls and boys clothing, footwear, and children’s accessories like bibs, hair bands, fancy eyewear, and much more.

    Branded shopping–the branded shopping experience at 6PM.com is simply great. One can navigate through exclusive stores to shop for a whole range of products.

    Clearance window–discount, year-end, and seasonal shopping is available through the clearance window.

    6pm shoes

    Why Use 6PM.com Over Other Online Shopping Portals?

    6PM.com has a tradition of serving maximum diversity by putting together all forms of apparel and attire to choose from in the most popular categories. Visitors can find all the clothing and accessory requirements on one website while quality is a guarantee. The other distinguishing factor is that the website showcases the latest trends and fashionable looks. 6PM.com has a definite dynamism in its variety and continually brings in new concepts of high resonance. The attractive pricing works well to augment the color and quality offerings on the site. And if you learn some 6PM shopping tricks and tips you will be able to buy there everything you need at even more attractive prices! Utilize the 6PM Coupon Code System

    If you you are a bargain hunter and want to shop for your favorite products and attire on 6PM.com, then integrating 6pm coupons in your shopping could be great. The 6pm.com coupon code and voucher issued by the company can be redeemed for credit while shopping on the site. This makes the deal really attractive for the buyers. The website maintains a well managed coupon system for its regular customers, and many have benefited through their exclusively shopping at 6PM.com. The more you buy, the more you can save!

    How to Save at 6PM?

    Some of the best ways to save at 6PM are through clearance and end-of-season sales as well as exclusive promotions offered at the start of a season which promote brands. Stay in the know, enroll with 6PM’s Brandaholics rewards program. It is free, and it lets you earn points for every dollar you spend with them. For instance, you’ll get a 10% coupon code when you earn 400 points; this can be used anytime within 45 days after the point goal is reached; the code expires in 90 days. You even receive coupons when you attain certain goals. Want to know when new promotions and sales arrive? Sign up for 6PM’s newsletter and get alerts in your email. Sometimes newsletters contain codes that you can use on an exclusive basis to redeem on items you find anywhere on the website. Signing up for the newsletter also adds 6 points to your account. The Clearance section of 6PM’s site has opportunities for you to save up to 70%. You can pick up the last remaining items left of a particular product when you Shop Major Scores; save as much as 92% off retail value.

    6pm Free Shipping

    6PM Free Shipping Policy

    No matter the size of your order, 6PM provides free shipping. Note that this offer can be stopped or altered without prior notice. If you wish to return an item at 6PM, you can get a full refund (no exchanges) if you return it within 30 days of the date of purchase. 6PM does not have a price-matching feature. You can keep track of your online orders once you’ve created an account at 6PM.com. You can also use your account to review past orders and permanently save your shipping/billing address.