Coupons and Promo Codes at Kohl’s

By Nabewise

Coupons and Promo Codes at Kohl's


About Kohl's promo codes

Coupon codes are discount codes that can be used to redeem certain discounts whether in-store or online. These retail codes may redirect you to retail websites in order to redeem them or view sale items and are typically printed in bold faced, capital letters. You can enter a maximum of kohls 30% off coupon during online checkout although mobile devices are limited to just two promo codes.

If you’re stacking a percentage off coupon with Kohl’s Cash, the system will automatically deduct the Kohl’s Cash before applying the discount to the new subtotal. Unfortunately the order that you enter these promo codes is not relevant as it is the system which applies them. And you have to be sure that you are meeting all the requirements of the coupon so be sure to read the fine print before trying to use one.

Stack Coupons

As long as a coupon is used within its valid period and the fine print allows it you can stack up to four Kohl’s coupons per order. Combine dollar off coupons with percentage discount coupons or else use multiple percentage discount coupons along with a free shipping coupon. Almost every type of Kohl’s coupon can be applied to a single order so it is possible to stack a dollar off coupon, a percentage off coupon, Kohl’s Cash and a discount coupon at the same time. Or else combine a category coupon with a total purchase discount for truly massive savings!

Regardless of what order they are entered in, this is how Kohl’s coupons are redeemed:

  1. Department-specific, dollar-off coupons ($5 off a $20 fragrance purchase); then percent-off, Kohl’s coupon codes (15% off a women’s beauty purchase) will be applied to qualifying items.
  2. Dollar-off coupons (like Kohl’s Cash or Yes2You Rewards or $10 off an entire purchase of $50 or more) will be subtracted from your subtotal.
  3. Only one sitewide, percent-off coupon (15% off an entire purchase) will be applied.

And the following is a list of coupons that can be used together: Only ONE sitewide percent-off promo code can be applied to an order.

MULTIPLE dollar-off coupons (like Kohl's Cash and Rewards Cash) can be added to an order.

MULTIPLE department-specific dollar-off /percent-off promo codes can be applied to an order.

ONE sitewide percent-off promo code CAN be combined with MULTIPLE department-specific dollar-off or percent-off promo codes, but are applied separately (see details below).

Sitewide dollar-off promo codes CAN be combined with sitewide percent-off discounts, but cannot be combined with similar offers.

A free shipping promo code CAN be combined with ANY other promo codes or discounts on your order. Shipping promo codes are handled separately from other promo codes and coupons that apply to the merchandise on your order.

A maximum of four promo codes can be applied to an order with a limit of two promo codes on a mobile devices.