South Slope

Family-Friendly South Slope Has A Small Town Feel

By Nabewise

A South Slope local, Saredt tells about the cozy benefits of this nabe.

Can you describe this neighborhood for folks that have never been here before?

From all the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, I would say it’s the most family-oriented. South Slope is sort of like Greenwood Heights, with there being are a few more young people than there are in [Park Slope proper].

How would you describe the types of people that live here?

Mostly professionals; It’s a more higher-end neighborhood than in most of Brooklyn.

Is this your ideal neighborhood? Why or why not?

It’s a pretty safe neighborhood, and it’s easy to get to [Manhattan], so that’s convenient. It lacks a [big] younger crowd, but it’s pretty ideal.

Are there any stereotypes about the neighborhood?

Oh, you know, the strollers! It’s known for having lots of moms, usually non-native New York moms, mostly people who just moved to the city.

Were you surprised by anything when you moved here?

I guess how calm it was. It feels like a small town. I used to live in the East Village, so it’s very different.

Is there anything about this neighborhood that you’d like to change?

I wish there was more diversity. It’s mostly a white neighborhood, so it feels a little segregated from the rest of Brooklyn.

Are there any bad areas in your neighborhood?

I wouldn’t say there are any.

What’s the real estate like here? Is it expensive? Is it difficult to get property here?

Well, I haven’t tried buying anything! Rents are pretty high, but I got a good deal because the landlord likes us. It’s pretty difficult if you’re just a student.

What would you say is the rental price for an average two-bedroom a month?

Probably around $2,500.

What’s the most controversial thing that’s happened here recently?

I know there was a sexual assault at another bakery recently, because a lot people have been asking us about it.

If you were forced to leave this neighborhood, what neighborhood would you move to?

I would probably go to Clinton Hill.

Are there neighborhoods in this city that you would never live in? What are they?

Well, I’m from East New York, and I’ve lived in Sunset Park, and that was fine. So, not really. [Both East New York and Sunset Park have higher than average crime and poverty rates].

Do you have any advice for folks thinking about moving to your neighborhood?

Just be careful when [realtors] say South Park Slope, because they may be trying to sell you something that’s actually in Gowanus or Sunset Park.