How to Bid on Priceline

How to Bid on Priceline

By Nabewise

this is Peter barn the web back with the rest of the story as you heard on the radio today priceline is a great tool it's phenomenal but today this is going to be the extended version of what we're talking about and here's where I'm going to tell you how to actually use it if you go to price on you're going to see the screen there first thing you want to do is you want to click on hotels because priceline from my experience is phenomenal for hotels because you can save a lot of money there's been times I've gone to disney with my family and we've been able to get a hotel room that's normally like a three-star Hotel that would normally be three hundred dollars a night and we paid as little as forty nine dollars a night it's phenomenal but

here's how it works and here's what you have to understand you are bidding on a hotel room so for example first of all you got to pick the city you want to go to and I'm just going to hit Tampa for ease right here so we're going to slect Tampa okay and I were in tampa florida you go in there you select your date okay i'm going to go on the temp i'm going to check out on the six okay and I've got my troops choose my date we're exiting okay one room and when I hit this bid now we are in the game okay that's what you have to understand so what happens is price on is going to give you a map and it's going to say here are all of the areas around the Tampa area and you'll notice there's all these different areas well I want to be close to busch gardens because that's where we're going wind go on a family vacation up the busch gardens

so i'll select busch gardens i go down here and because it's my family and want to go on a vacation i want to select a three-star hotel if you don't want a three-star hotel you can select whatever level you want but then here's what you do you come down here you name your own price and let's say I want to spend fifty nine dollars for the room or in this case i typed in fifty-nine dollars which is good at this point you are getting ready to bid on a room and this is what you have to understand you don't know what the hotel is and that's one of the challenges why it's kind of like a little bit of a I don't want to say it's a risk because if you're going for a three-star hotel it doesn't make the difference whether it's a hill thin a high at a marriott it's still going to be a really nice hotel so you're going to basically not know what exactly what

hotel it is that you're going to be getting but you're going to know that you're going to be near the bush garden area that's what you've selected so you hit submit it's going to ask you a couple questions but at this point you're gonna have to put in your credit card or for me I just put in my ID because I've got my credit card on file with him because I pues price I'm so often but you're going to put your information in there and price n is going to take and go out and search all the hotels in that area and they're going to find one hopefully for you that's won't accept your price and if that hotel accepts that price you now have a hotel room so before you go do that I recommend that you make sure that you know where you want to go you make sure you have your time because

if you follow this process you're going to save a lot of money it's really that simple you're going to save a lot of money but you need to know that when you put that submit button in there you hit that you bought a hotel room if someone comes back

I will tell you a lot of times they don't accept your offer yet to go back and bid again but this all part of why it's a little bit of a fun process but if you aren't afraid of taking a risk and not knowing the exact hotel you're going to be in this is a great way to save money so i highly recommend it it's a great way to travel save money as long as you're flexible on the area that you're going to but it's a great way because bottom line is when you're on vacation if you think about it you're there mainly to go spend a little time in the hotel room but the rest of time you're out there enjoying the sights so save some money on your hotel room go to a place that it's going to be nice and that we've got more money for food and fun and family time this peter martin the web dock with the rest of the story