Lincoln Heights

Lincoln Heights

By Nabewise

Lincoln Heights is an East Los Angeles suburban nabe that offers all the excitement of an urban area with the calm scenery of a suburb. With the picturesque downtown skyline and Dodger's Stadium behind it, Lincoln Heights is a uniquely close-knit residential area. Lincoln Heights’ attractions include a great park, a winery, historic sites featuring some of the oldest homes in Los Angeles and a collection of delicious casual restaurants. Lincoln Heights’ hilly terrain and quiet vibe create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for front yard BBQs, backyard parties and get-togethers. This nabe lies conveniently next to the 5 and 10 Freeways.

Lincoln Heights Data

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Top Attributes
  • Dining
  • Community
  • Pet friendly
  • Parking
  • Shopping
Lowest Attributes
  • Quiet
  • Public Transportation
  • Seniors
  • Families
  • Income

Lincoln Heights Articles and Reviews

mutual respect abundant

The vibe here makes sense. I can go out alone any time of day or night here. Paying attention is all that’s required. Never have had any sketchy encounters at all. Walking & bicycling are easy & the scenery is uplifting.

What's awesome

Griffin Ave, nice yards

What's not so awesome

haven’t found that



Might be the next Echo Park

Man, this nabe is cool (cool in an “I’ll never belong here” kind of way). It’s colorful and unconventional, with hand-painted store signs and residents who know how to have fun. The best part is, it manages to be all this without being too hipster (nevertheless, gentrification has begun, with the establishment of the “art colony” in the old brewery – say what?!).

There’s no shortage of things to do here: chow down on some crazy good Mexican food, check out the San Antonio Winery, and enjoy the scenery while you explore. Lincoln Heights has a very cool and historic vibe to it…old Victorian houses dating back to the early 1800s (it really is the oldest neighborhood in LA!) coexist with stylish Art Deco styles, making this a really unique-looking nabe. I wonder how long it’ll take before the hipsters start moving in…..

What's awesome

Plenty to do, awesome houses and architecture, great food, fun people

What's not so awesome

Some residents have expressed irritation about the influx of artsy types trying to gentrify the area. This might lead to some tension in the near future, but hopefully Lincoln Heights can continue to be its cool self, even with a changing population.

Simon A.


Skate or Die, or BBQ!

The sizzle and smoke of a barbeque slowly grilling carne asada and burger patties in the unkempt front yard, neighbors sticking their noses out the iron-barred windows, salivating over the smell, a case of ice-cold beer on a small table next to condiments and a boombox, which blares Isley Brothes tunes. Welcome to Lincoln Heights.

Lincoln Heights is technically a suburban area but feels more urban, especially on the busy commercial boulevards of Main Street, Pasadena and Mission Road.
There’s definitely always something going on, whether it be a backyard metal show (Metal is back! Especially in the East Side – go fig.) or a community event at the Lincoln Heights Library or the epic Lincoln Heights Skatepark.

Lincoln Heights: It’s good for you, your kids, your parents, everyone.

What's awesome

skate park, library, restaurants, murals, parties, bbq

What's not so awesome

crime, gangs

Luis R.


a gem of a nabe

Lincoln Park is considered the oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles, and a lot of the original houses (which are quite impressive) have been designated for historic preservation. This area is the real deal. Laid-back but buzzing, this neighborhood is culturally diverse. North Broadway is its main street, home to plenty of delicious locally-run restaurants and ethnic markets. And with lots of schools, this area is prime for starting and raising a family.

What's awesome

community closeness, food, history

What's not so awesome

lingering crime rates

Taylor O.

a classic LA nabe that should never change

In many ways, I think this is a classic LA nabe—urban/rough atmosphere but overflowing with character and love from neighbors. One of the best places in LA for kids to grow up. I have nothing but good things to say about this place. I know there’s been a decent amount of hubub lately because there’s some gentrification in the wind. I think if other people move here, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it would be an incredible travesty if the amazing nature of lincoln heights was changed by a change in population.

What's awesome

everything. food, views, beautiful people, beautiful spirit

What's not so awesome

there’s some word of gang violence still floating around here, and a threat that it might get tinged white bread

Mark S.