How to Choose Snowboard Size

How to Choose Snowboard Size

By Nabewise

hi this is due for me go picking

the right size snowboard is important for a good day on the mountain height and weight are important factors for deciding to write some work also the train you ride your ability levels and personal preference RT factors and taking the right size the general rule of thumb

for picking the right size snowboard somewhere between the top your chest and your eyes shorter board can be more maneuverable while longer Ford is going to be more stable at high speed and float better in the powder choose the right shorter board can be beneficial if you're beginning to intermediate rider way less than average for your height or spend the majority of day in mountain in the park

you probably want to size on the larger side if you're riding style is fast and aggressive if you weigh more than your average height or the majority of your riding spent for riding or in the feed pile certain boards are sized down due to their aggressive rocker profiles and extreme shaping these boards ride much longer than your traditional snowboard and are great on a fun powder now that you have a better idea of what size snowboard by shop snowboards by different size ranges on