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Norton Core Best Features

By Nabewise


we're back to talk about the Norton core now we took a look at the core about a month back you know just doing this setup process with the device pretty fast and easy now again this video is brought to you by Norton but all thoughts or opinions on my own so using the core for a while

I've realized a couple of things first of all the ease of use is great you know if you're someone who's not in you know not to first with setting up routers and you know you do concern about how it all works this is an easy device to actually set up but also to use that's the other great thing about it because they have a very simple app that gives you a lot of detail to what's going on with your device so for instance you've got a score you've got a score that tells you what your security score level is and this has to do with a couple of things first of all it has to do the fact that in my case my scores 229 I have my device connected to an our router I did this on purpose because I wanted to actually see what that what happened with my score setting also tells me that I can connect I can also install security features on multiple devices that I have to give me better security as well you've got deep packet searching so basically in search for threats it blocks threats on your system and it tells you if it's done that in my case there none so which is great managing devices is also pretty good which means you can go in and you can manage devices on your network you can go ahead and pause the vises you can prioritize devices and it's all a simple click of a button makes it easy for you to use also sharing the guest networks if you have family members or friends visiting and maybe another home buddy is staying in your place

you don't want them to use your own network you can actually go ahead and share that you can share that from anywhere it doesn't matter where you are on the planet you can just go ahead it's a guest Network hit share and then boom it out to them which is pretty nice simple and easy and I think makes it a very nice package for a lot of people also just doing speed tests and things like that but one of the great things is that the app itself is very easy to use making this device as a whole easy to use itself so if you guys have any questions or any comments about the Norton or in taking you want to take a look at it let me know or if you want to actually win one because we're given a northern call away all you have to do is just go ahead and retweet and share this video tagging border work on Twitter and you're entered to win and I'll pick a winner in a week that's all good and simple so let me know your thoughts guys if you have any questions again leave them down below and always enjoy your entertainment