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Norton Protecting Your Children

By Nabewise

Protecting Others

As you send and receive emails to people you are familiar with, you open and download documents such as pictures and links to other sites. This process is a well-known vulnerability among hackers, who take advantage of the opportunity through disguising themselves as your common e-mail contacts. They will send you a message asking you to download a file or click on a link, and once you do, your computer is infected. Some viruses can infect millions of computers rapidly through this type of transfer, and is a big reason why you need to be protected. Infecting your colleagues, friends, or family with a virus that may steal their identity is a burden nobody should have to take on.

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Protecting Your Children

Cyber bullying is becoming increasingly popular as the access to technology becomes easier for children. According to the recent AP-MTV survey, of 1247 individuals between the ages 14-24, 50% have experienced some form of digital abuse. This form of bullying has led to anxiety, depression, and in a worst case scenario, suicide. Armed with the proper software, you can prevent your children from experiencing this growing problem.
Another form of protection that Norton offers within the Family Premiere package is the ability to monitor what your children are doing on the internet, and protect them from entering into bad online neighborhoods, or sites that hackers have designed to give the impression of a popular link or download. This will not only protect your children from harm, but will protect your family from potential viruses, and keep your information from being exposed.

A Final Note

It is important to note that not all antivirus and internet security companies are the same concerning your protection. PC Magazine rated Norton Antivirus as their top choice among 25 competitors for 2013 in all areas of security including firewall, virus removal and protection, performance, anti-spam, privacy, parental control, and backup capabilities. The security of your personal information should be a necessity, and as important as any other insurance you may have which protects you and your family. Don’t let your computer be unprotected any longer.