Travel Tip Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

Travel Tip: Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

By Nabewise
Planning a vacation isn't easy. You have to figure out travel plans, a place to stay, and what you want to do there. Having options is great as long as you know how to weigh them.
Vacation rentals are rapidly becoming a highly desirable option for places to stay when traveling. Vacation homes are opening up for people to enjoy a time in luxury. How do you know when to book a vacation rental or a hotel? Consider the pros and cons to best fit your personal needs.Happy Travels!



Benefits of Vacation Rentals:



Benefits of Hotels:


Comparable (or Cheaper!) Price

Rentals are often fairly inexpensive and can be worth the cost when considering all that you get out of them, especially if the cost is split among a lot of people traveling with you.

More Discounts on Price

There are more coupons and cash back options for hotels. With some planning and comparison of rates, hotels can be relatively easy on the budget.

Larger Size

Vacation rentals tend to offer more space. Hotel rooms typically have smaller square footage, and dramatically increase in cost with more room. If you have more people going on vacation with you, this can be essential so you all have personal space to enjoy.

Appropriate Size

If you are traveling by yourself, why pay for more than you need? Save some money in your wallet if you don't need all the space that is being offered otherwise.

Unique Amenities

There are many amenities that come with vacation rentals. They may vary depending on where you stay, but often include personal touches that make the place more fun and relaxing, and more like home. You can even save money by cooking in a fully equipped kitchen.

Select Amenities

Want room service and complimentary breakfasts? Don't want to deal with making your bed and picking up after yourself? Hotels offer some services that you can't get when renting, so it's important to consider what is important to you.

Authentic Local Scene

Be a tourist without feeling surrounded by tourists. Vacation rentals are less crowded with people meaning that you get a more authentic vacation with less noise from other guests.

Increased Ease to the Local Scene

Hotels can have discount coupons to local attractions or shuttles to those locations. If you want advice for a restaurant or other place to see, just ask at the front desk and they'll be able to help.

More Time, Less Money

If you plan on spending a while in the same place you can save money with the longer terms, making each day's cost per person less than when compared to the cost of a hotel. Rentals often fill up fast, so be sure to plan well ahead.

Better for Shorter Time

Hotels can be booked for one day, or as long as you need. However, many vacation rentals require a stay of at least a few days, or even a week. While it's great to plan ahead, hotels tend to have available rooms at the last minute.




Whether you decide to book a hotel or a rental, make sure to protect your investment. Rentals especially can sometimes be too good to be true. Use a credible website and be careful not to get scammed. Do your research on the location and look at reviews and other sources to confirm legitimacy.


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