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By Nabewise

Whether you prefer to travel to distant and exotic locations or just visit a different state to see your family, the costs of airfare and hotel stays add up quickly. Even if you have time off of work for taking a vacation, you need to be able to afford it. Rising fuel prices have made airfare and car rentals rise in cost as well. Many hotels are also increasing their nightly rates as people cut back on travel to save money. Expedia makes it easy to find a hotel or flight that fits your budget and your travel dreams. There are eight distinct benefits to shopping through Expedia.
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5. User Reviews
As part of their dedication to helping customers make the best travel choices, the website gathers and displays real user reviews for all of their destinations. Find out if the luxury hotel you are considering is worth the cost, or if the budget motel down the road is a hidden gem. The users are excited to leave their reviews and share their experiences. Reading information from real travelers gives you a fairer view of a hotel or airline's care for their customers. Many professional reviewers who write travel blogs or books only stop in at a hotel for a few hours, so reading the experience of someone who stayed there for a week is far more valuable.

6. Selection
Expedia doesn't just offer flights to specific destinations or hotels in the hottest vacation spots. The website currently offers rotating deals on over 140,000 hotels, motels and resorts on all continents except for Antarctica. 130 different airlines are also included in the deals. No matter how far you want to travel or how long you want to stay, this website will help you save money while doing it. Even if you are just traveling within your home state for a business meeting, reserving your hotel through Expedia will make the trip easier and less expensive.

7. 24 Hour Support
Arriving in a strange country to find that your car rental reservation has been lost is a very stressful experience. When you book all your reservations separately, there is little you can do to remedy this situation. Making your arrangements through Expedia gives you access to their renowned customer support team. Call their help line at any time during your trip for emergency help when something goes wrong. If the problem can't be solved by the team, they will help you contact other organizations that can offer help for more serious situations.

8. Best Rate Guarantee
Better deals can always pop up at the very last minute before your flight departs. To help reduce the stress of trying to find the lowest price, Expedia allows you to turn in proof of a lower price offer from any of their competitors. If you manage to find a better rate, you'll get a full refund and an extra $50 coupon to use on your next purchase with the company. Unlike other discount travel agencies, Expedia wants to offer the lowest prices no matter what their competitors have available. With the best rate guarantee you will never miss out on a lower price, even if you don't want to spend days shopping around for a flight and hotel package.


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