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Expedia , How to select your seat preference

By Nabewise

at Expedia, we do our best to make your travel
experience as smooth as possible from start to finish

during the flight booking process, it is possible to select your seat preference, aisle or window, on the traveler information page

however, airlines may or may not honor these requests

and we recommend that you request your seat on the airline’s website

you can use expedia.com to navigate to the airline’s website to change your seat

navigate to www.expedia.com

click on the “My Trips” link in the upper
right corner

if you are not already signed in, you will
be prompted to sign in to your Expedia account

or type in your email address and itinerary
number to find your booking

your itinerary number will be in your confirmation

make sure the “Upcoming” button is selected
at the top of your screen

click on the itinerary you would like to choose
your seats for

then click “Manage Reservation”and “Update flight preferences”

this option may not be available for all itineraries

if you don’t see this option on your itinerary, we recommend navigating to the airline’s webpage

“Update flight preferences” will take you to your specific airline’s website where you can change your seat

please note, each airline's website has it's
own process for changing seats

if you need help with that process, contact
your airline's customer service

otherwise, for help with your Expedia booking,
contact us

1 866-310-5768 or from abroad 1 404-728-8787