comparing electric cars and gas cars

Electric cars vs gas cars pros and cons – road trip planner

By Nabewise

Gas and electricity is the most widely used power source for vehicles right now in the world. With expectations of electric cars to conquer the roads in the near future many of the car fanatics are comparing between electric cars and gas cars.

If you are still stuck in the middle of the question without any solutions, let us unravel this mess a bit for you.

Today we will be comparing gas and electric cars to see what the best one is. We will be elaborating this for you under few subtopics to make it more understandable for you.


Cost for fuel

In this case, the first shot of most of you would be that electric cars are more cost-efficient than cars that work on gasoline.

But I have to highlight that this whole topic depends on many other factors too.

One primary factor this depends on is the availability of gasoline and electricity in your area and also the availability of stations to charge your electric vehicle when far from home.

Unlike gas stations it won’t be easy for you to find charging points in most places, so that would be a major issue when travelling far from home.

Besides that, the cost efficiency of electric cars and gas cars varies from country to country depending on the cost of gas and electricity in those areas.

In countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt the cost for gas and electricity are in the same range while in many countries like Norway, Australia and European countries, electricity is way more profitable than petrol and diesel.

So it seems like electricity is more cost efficient than gasoline in almost all the countries in the world.

What is more affordable?

This usually depends on the local taxes and stuff of a country. But if we’re talking in common, it is said that electric cars are a bit cheaper than gas cars these days.

When taking a peek at the total car ownership of Japan, U.S and U.K, it is clear that an electric car is more affordable than buying a gas car.

The prices of electric cars are remaining the same while the costs of cars that work on gasoline are slightly increasing in the market.


Maintenance cost

Both electric cars and gas cars have their own pros and cons. But trust me, on the subject of maintenance electric cars lies on the top of the peak.

Only a few parts are running in electric vehicles, so there is an extremely low probability of those parts wearing out, and this will save you a lot of cash and time.

Furthermore, there is no need to change oil, transmission fluid or coolant as there are no internal combustion engines in electric cars as with gas cars.

One of the few issues with electric cars in the maintenance is to change the battery. Unlike conventional batteries, electric vehicles have large and complex batteries, and when continuously recharged they degrade and loose over time.

But fortunately most batteries these days come with a 100,000 mile or 8-year warranty. But if you aren’t under that warranty anymore, it will bring you an expensive bill to replace the batteries.

Accessibility to charging and fuel stations

Since electric cars are still new to this world and with a majority of the population still driving cars that run on gasoline, it seems that charging stations for electric vehicles are still lacking on most parts of the world mainly in developing countries.

So when it comes to the accessibility of charging and fuel stations for electric cars and gas cars, it is an accepted fact that filling up a gas car is easier than an electric one especially if you are a person who travels far from home usually.

What is more comfortable?

This depends on the brand you are buying and the features included in it. But in overall, since electric cars have exceedingly high torque power, their pickups are really smooth and quick which most of the gas-powered cars doesn’t have.

To add more, cars that run on electricity are quiet and not to forget that it is also 100% eco-friendly.

But the only problem is that there are only a few ranges of electric vehicles to choose than that of gasoline cars which have a variety to choose.

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Today we discussed a much of a hot topic that most of the petrolheads have these days and we gave an impartial elaboration on what to choose between electric cars and gas cars.

Considering most of the facts above it seems that there are more pros on electric cars than of cons, but still it is up for you to take all these points into account and make the right decision.

Hope you enjoyed the reading and stay updated with us for more exciting topics like this.