Ford Fusion

Road Trip: Chapter One, Section Two

By Nabewise

From Wellington, Florida, to El Paso, Illinois: Florida.


We've planned this trip for a while now, and it was already time to make the move. My cousins' Ford Fusion, was perfect to go such distance. It was his brand-new car, red, and very sophisticated. We also had a police radar, because if we were getting there on scheduled time, we had to speed every now and then to make up for the awfully inevitable traffics that I-95 was famous for.

Now that we were ready, suitcases thrown in the trunk, and blankets and pillows in the back seats, my cousin flew in head first inside in the passenger seat. Delilah and Kate, the two women in my life, my girlfriend and my best friend were finally ready to jump in. Obviously, everyone was sleepy. But the driver, that would be me, had a very enormous disadvantage. I had to stay awake the whole time, or all of us would put an end to the press' silly season.

It was time to go now, but not quite in the direction we were supposed to. Feeling as drowsy as I was, I drove to Dunkin Donuts and got two cups of coffee so I'd keep awake. Looking in the rear-view mirror, the only thing I saw of those girls was their heads. They were all covered up in their blankets, sleeping as soundless. It was late winter, and still chilly in Florida. I looked over and so was George, his head cocked, leaning against he window, and was sleeping, but not as soundless as the girls. However, we had a schedule to keep, and I was ready to hit the road.


After making a couple of restroom stops, we finally made it to Georgia. Florida is not as scenic as the other states, nevertheless, some interesting things had caught our eyes here and there. For instance, it was kind of like tradition to count up all the accidents we'd see, and how many cars are pulled over by the cops. So far, the score was 4:7. Another things that caught our attention was the Fuller Warren Bridge, since we went over the Acosta bridge instead which was more parallel than perpendicular to the Fuller Warren. This is where we had stopped for our second bathroom break, in the heart of Jacksonville.