Which cars have self-driving features Who Has the Best Autonomous

Which cars have self-driving features Who Has the Best Autonomous

By Nabewise

Autonomous vehicles have been a trendy topic among petrol heads since the day the first autonomous car concept was released.

Not just that, with many more concepts about to hit the road in these couple of years, there is also a small debate going on about which company will accomplish this “self-driving mission”.

Besides few giants like BMW and Cadillac, for now, Tesla, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are the titans in the industry, and today we are about to find out who has the best autopilot in the world.


First of all, let’s move to a much familiar name among all of us which is Tesla.

Though you knew that a vehicle called Tesla Model X existed, did you ever get a chance to know what its autopilot system could do?

Despite the X’s 75 kWh battery, 130 mph top speed, 237 miles range and its ability to move from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, you won’t even believe what its autopilot system could do.

Its new enhanced autopilot will unlock you new levels of capabilities to offer you the best driving experience. The 12 ultrasonic sensors provide 360 coverage for your car, and your Tesla will keep the vehicle within a lane, balance speed to traffic conditions, change lanes automatically without driver’s input, exit a freeway when the destination is near and also shift from one freeway to another.

Not just that, the most exciting feature is that you can summon the beast from or to the garage with just a tap on your smartphone.

So with all these cool features how could we not call it the best autopilot?

Volvo Pilot Assist II


Moving the topic to Volvo, we have the Volvo Pilot Assist II which we all know is not that new.

The Volvo pilot assist is pretty much like the Tesla autopilot and the Mercedes-Benz drive pilot (wait for it…). Because all these autopilot systems require occasional involvements from the driver to ensure that the driver is not having a good night sleep in the back seat.

But unlike the Mercedes-Benz drive pilot where the sensors in the steering wheel detect the pressure of hands on it, the Volvo Pilot Assist II only looks for occasional inputs from the driver making it more of a hands-free driving.

The system is smart enough to control its speed in the traffic and drive in the right lane while also maintaining a safe distance with other vehicles.

This Volvo’s super awesome Pilot Assist II system is featured in their S90 Sedan, XC60 crossover and also in the V90 station wagon and the good news is that Volvo’s next best autopilot, the Pilot Assist III, will be available soon in this year (2019) with extra cheesy toppings!

Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot


The super awesome Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot is featured in their new E-class cars.

This autopilot system is capable of performing many functions including lane changes. And not to forget that the autopilot system works very well at any speed if the road and weather conditions are right.

But sadly, just like many other autopilot systems, the Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot requires the driver to hold the steering wheel all the time.

Well maybe ‘all the time’ isn’t a perfect word that fits there. It’s more like you can’t drive without holding it for more than 45 SECONDS.

Nevertheless, it seems that the Tesla’s autopilot, Volvo Pilot Assistant II and also the Cadillac supercruise has done some great work in the hands-free driving category where Mercedes isn’t that much of a success.

However, this Drive pilot system carries a lot more other cool features enabling us to call it still one of the best autopilots in 2019.

Audi Traffic Jam Pilot

Audi Traffic Jam Pilot

To be honest, the Audi Traffic Jam Pilot is not that much of a killer on high speeds because it doesn’t feature a fully autonomous system and it already says it in the name.

Unlike many other autopilots we mentioned before including Tesla, Volvo and Mercedes-bens, Audi’s autopilot is not that capable of performing in long distance journeys.

But it does a hell of a job in the traffic where the speed is less than 60mph in which the system does all the steering, braking and accelerating automatically without driver’s input.

Also, there is no precise word yet about whether the driver has to stay in contact with the steering every time or occasionally like many other systems such as Mercedes.

This Audi Traffic Jam Pilot system is expected to hit the market by the end of this year through the Audi A8 sedan.

Final Thoughts

Out of all these autopilot systems mentioned above, there is a pretty clear vision on what the best autopilot system is. But that depends on what kind of driver you are.

If you’re a person with long distant trips, then you should try a Tesla or a Volvo and if you’re more of a stuck-in-the-traffic guy, then the Mercedes or the Audi autopilot suits you the best.

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