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By Nabewise

Whether you prefer to travel to distant and exotic locations or just visit a different state to see your family, the costs of airfare and hotel stays add up quickly. Even if you have time off of work for taking a vacation, you need to be able to afford it. Rising fuel prices have made airfare and car rentals rise in cost as well. Many hotels are also increasing their nightly rates as people cut back on travel to save money. Expedia makes it easy to find a hotel or flight that fits your budget and your travel dreams. There are eight distinct benefits to shopping through Expedia.

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1. Reward Points
Each reservation you make with your credit card allows you to generate reward points from the bank behind the card. To make travel even more rewarding for their customers, Expedia has created their own unique reward points system. Each purchase comes with a specific amount of points. When you reach certain milestones, you can redeem the points for greater discounts, free upgrades and access to special sales. Booking all of your work and leisure travel through the website allows you to quickly accumulate large numbers of these useful points.

2. No Fees
When you book a seat on an air flight through the airline’s website, there are a number of booking fees associated with the process. This can turn an affordable flight into a costly one. Expedia charges no booking fees on any of their reservations. The price they quote you during the checkout process is the one you will pay in the end. If you need to make a sudden change to a different seat or later flight time, there is no fee associated with this either. You are free to cancel your reservation without penalty as well. Booking through this company gives you greater flexibility while saving you money.

3. Traveller Tools
Expedia has spent years developing and perfecting a unique set of applications available through their website. Travelers can use these tools to research the destinations they are considering. Use Trip Explorer to view the best hotel and travel deals scattered across a geographical map, or find out more about the culture and attractions at the world’s favorite destinations. The website offers as much information as any full-sized travel guide, but also allows you to immediately find and book accommodations or airfare without delay. You can have your entire vacation planned in the same time it would take you to look up one hotel on another website.


expedia deals

4. Packages
Other travel discount websites focus on low cost airflight, contract with hotels to offer their rooms at better rates or focus specifically on theme parks. Expedia offers all of these travel components and more. For the biggest discounts, it is best to put together a custom package that encompasses airfare, hotel reservations and car rentals. Adding multiple services together allows the company to trim 5-20% off of the total price before you check out. Few other retailers offer anything close to this service.

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