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Globeville is a unique nabe known for its massive freeway interchange (referred to as the Mousetrap) and distinctive railroad borders. But this nabe isn't all industrial—you'll find plenty of quaint cottages and a number of local businesses along Globeville's inner roads. Located a mere five miles away from Downtown Denver, some residences here come with the added bonus of an impressive skyline view!

Globeville Data

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Top Attributes
  • Nightlife
  • Community
  • Clean
  • Quiet
  • Parking
Lowest Attributes
  • Empty nesters
  • Shopping
  • Seniors
  • Income
  • Families

Globeville Articles and Reviews

Hard to pin down.

This neighborhood is kind of confusing. At first glance it’s got all the qualities of a nabe gone wrong— it’s next to two intersecting highways, super industrial, and near railroad tracks. But as you drive around it’s hard not to notice the cute little bungalows, nice parks (Argo Park has large pool complete with a twisty inclosed water slide!) and even your occasional artist’s warehouse.

The majority of this nabe is actually residential despite surrounding industry. As I was exploring it I actually saw an ice cream truck drive by, which to me only solidifies my point that this nabe is constantly surprising you. It feels a little isolated due to the highways, almost cutting it off from the rest of Denver, but with that allows for a some nice peace and quiet that you might not expect so close to downtown.

I’ve actually visited this nabe a few times without even knowing it. Some friends of mine live in the Taxi complex which is described as a sustainable mixed use community containing over 80 creative businesses and residents forming a modern community with a thriving culture of collaboration. They have a bike share, a community garden and an award winning restaurant, Fuel. It’s really a new age concept that is quite impressive.

What's awesome

good for artsy folk, Argo Park, cute bungalows, Taxi community

What's not so awesome

isolated, industry, near two major highways

Christine S.

Big Country Bar… and Cute Houses

Something about this area has a little bit of appeal. But… I’m not sure what it is. It’s certainly not the interchange of I-70 and I-25. That’s a nightmare. It’s not the more industrial feel that you get when you’re traveling around the area. But the houses are SUPER cute. They tend to have bigger yards and a sense of faded beauty. Like I said. There’s something…
Also in this area is one of the biggest country bars in Denver. It’s called The Grizzly Rose and on saturday and sunday nights it’s usually hopping. Big name country stars and start-up artists are a regular scene here. Sunday night is “family” night and pretty much everyone is let in.
Because of this bar there tends to be a bit of crime. And drunken revelry. Lots of drunken revelry in fact. I know people who have gotten into plenty of fights in the parking lot of “The Rose”. One of whom was beaten badly enough to permenantly disable him. This, I would say, is one of the biggest drawbacks to Globeville.

What's awesome

Cute houses and a country bar with lots of live shows

What's not so awesome

Criss-crossed by 2 major highways, crime, there’s a rowdy bar in your backyard

Niki G.

Freeways and trains

I would not want to live in Globeville.

Granted, it’s not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be, but it’s definitely not a great area. Surrounded by railyard and freeway? No thanks. Interstates 25 and 70 basically cut Globeville into four different segments, so there’s not that much of a “neighborhoodly” feel. It’s a shame, because the houses within Globeville are actually kind of cute. If only they were located somewhere else…

What's awesome

Argo Park is actually quite nice.

What's not so awesome

Very industrial and not too pleasing to the eye.

Liz W.