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By Nabewise Deal of the Day

With the help of Deal of the Day, you can save up to 50% off their travel packages. Places like Rio de Janeiro, Palm Springs and Cancun have previously been the destinations. When you book hotel, car rental and flight in package, you usually spend less money than when you book everything separately. You can also check out the ‘Last Minute Deals’ section. Last minute booking can save you a lot of money without even using discount code. During this time, empty beds and seats are there to be filled up. You can see the seasonal offers on the homepage. In the past, savings have been as high as 30% off select destinations. The Deals section consists various time limited yet money saving deals. The rewards program of gives you rewards for every booking you make on the site. You also get free booking after 10 nights and you can upgrade to Silver and Gold packages by booking more rooms. A great way of taking advantage of this deal is by booking hotel rooms for someone else. You can book for others and have them pay you. This way, you will earn reward points. If you want to know more about their ongoing deals and offers, you can call a representative of coupon