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The Ultimate Pet Vacation ,

By Nabewise

We Who Travel

come here what's up guys it's your girl Michelle Kaare here back for another adventure with you know what the best part about going on a trip is sharing it with someone you love I'm gonna talking like a boyfriend or family or whatever I'm talking pets cute animals namely Hamlin the Frenchy the internet sensation Hamlin's owner Joe is passionate about traveling with his pet but traveling with a pet can be kind of tricky which is why we're headed to San Diego for the most pet friendly imaginable trip ever okay enough about me let's go pet him or meet him in his owner Joe he's nice I think sure I know that joke uses hotels calm to find pet friendly lodging when he travels with Hamlin so I can't wait to hear what they think of a Kona Kai Resort which I found using the pet friendly filter on the hotel's compound

it's nice to meet you too oh oh look at you Hamlin you're even cuter than you are on your Instagram should we go check in and get our adventure started I think that's a great idea it's better dress than I am here's more clothes in the suitcase than I do yes these are your key thank you oh wow look at this room they even gave Hamlin his own bed I think I just came with the room yeah I'm really excited to visit aqua adventures in the Mission Bay Marina mainly because they offer doggy paddle boarding lessons I'm excited to go out on the water security Chihuahua let's get you guys in the water

he seems to like it lean forward Oh Oh what the heck so what do you think Hamlin thinking my guess is right now he is saying don't tip this over cuz I do not want to get my paws wet a little bit of weight there gotta calm them down with food look at that sea lion it's living its best life oh my god that was so fun he will look so cute on their pod so we're gonna go to the ocean beach dog beach to hang out with some other dogs let's do it my name is beauty so when did you start his Instagram I was about five years ago just kind of grew over time and when we have a special surprise for you on your vacation Oh from the original pop Caesars in San Diego your very own dog cake it looks really good it might taste like dog foods though I don't want to try it it's pretty good okay I think he likes it it's really hot outside so we should probably get back to some air conditioning soon for Hamlin say you ready Hamlin let's go buddy it was a pretty romantic day for me and Hamlin I mean I felt bad for Joe he's kind of third-wheeling

I guess it's pretty exciting it's fun to travel with them so you travel a lot they can perhaps fishing before he's been in row boats jet ski and how did you feel traveling with Hamlin on this trip oh it's been great so far I mean it's his ideal weather nice and warm and sunny especially when you get to take him to a place where there's stand-up paddleboarding for dogs a dog beach a dog cake and a hotel that provides a dog bed that's crazy that's living the life for sure thank you so much for letting me hang out with him when today oh no problem he definitely had a blast thank you guys so much for watching this episode and to for designing the perfectly pet friendly experience for my new best friends Joe and Hamlin oh I could squish his little face all day well in the meantime I'm ready for a makeover let's go to Detroit coupon