I Love Venice Beach

By Nabewise

I Love Venice Beach

It’s one of those places you can go year after year, week after week and you’ll always have a different experience.

I love Venice Beach. It’s one of those places you can go year after year, week after week and you’ll always have a different experience. There was a point in time in my life where I’d go by myself either rollerblading or biking every single weekend for about 4-6 hours Saturday and Sunday. Being an abandoned child with no family, it became my source of energy and good feeling. On the bike trails, you’re surrounded by families, potential people to date and friends. Your senses are filled with everything from pleasing scents like incense to a wide variety of independent artists performing their music and displaying their artwork and products for purchase.

To give you a glimpse as to why I love Venice Beach as much as I do, I’ll tell you about my excursion today.


First of all, I’m completely convinced by now after all the experiences I’ve had lately that coincidences truly are miracles and that when you pray, God listens and answers all your prayers. So, be sure to keep all your prayers only on the best thoughts possible.

So, typically when I go rollerblading I try to find a place as close as possible to the parking lots, but where parking is free. Hey, why spend it if you don’t need to, right? Plus, I’m on rollerblades so it just makes my workout that much better.

Today, I pulled into a parking spot that a man was leaving that was in a cul-de-sac and looked a bit tight to fit into, silently, I thought I wish that spot was easier to park in, and just like that the man in front of that car, pulled out of the spot as well. I was thinking how lucky am I and then I realized the cars pulling away revealed a young man sleeping on the sidewalk. I thought, ah ha, now that’s why God answered my small prayer. And, later, I realized that God will give you anything you ask for, but He’ll be sure to do something to make sure that you’re worthy of His prayers. In other words, I knew I was supposed to do something for that young man.

After lacing up my rollerblades, I remembered I had $20’s in my wallet. Instantly, I knew I was supposed to give it to the young man. I went over to him and he had a hat in front of him, but he was sleeping. I didn’t want to just leave it, because it was out in the open and I wanted to make sure no one took it. So I started to slip it into his sleeve and his eyes opened. I apologized for waking him and told him I just was giving him some money and wanted to make sure no one took it. He looked at me with the eyes of some who’s seen far too much, weathered like a turbulent storm. I will never forget those eyes.

I had a great ride filled with smiles, and people who exclaimed “beautiful” about me and some who even tried to take my picture, then I stopped at a particular location on the trail that I always stop at. It has a beautiful view of the ocean and is quite peaceful. Suddenly, ideas about my novel came flooding into my mind. I see the world in metaphors and every person, crashing wave, boat, and passing thing that catches my interest becomes a potential part of my novel. But, because I often forget things the moment after I’ve thought about them, I realized that I needed to go get a pad of paper and a pen to record my new revelations.

After a nice lady in a store gave me a piece of paper, because she didn’t sell pads and let me buy her blue ball point pen for $1, I rollerbladed to a perfect place in front of a beach home where I could sit on the steps, watch people on the bike trail and jot down my thoughts.

I ended up staying there longer than I’d originally thought I would. I just become truly inspired by watching people and having people watch me. Let’s face it, all day long, all we’re doing is constantly exchanging energy (=love) with each other. And the more we’re received in a positive way, the more energy we have to give to others. Today filled me with more beautiful memories and blessings that I’m certain are gifts from above.

As I sat and watched passersby, I realized there was a commonality in the people and groups of people who caught my attention and I felt compelled to write about and remember as a source of inspiration. Each of these moments came when I felt the person or people were completely in sync. Someone as they passed, I could sense a feeling of peace, cohesion like the waves in the ocean when they move peacefully. You could just feel the strength and positive energy they flowed to the world. Some even warmed my heart without having to say a word to me.

While, I’ve had many moments where people I don’t know have tried to take my picture, a truly humbling experience, I’ve never let anyone take it because it’s often men and who knows why they want your picture. However, today, I had a pretty Asian girl who was with a couple of friends notice me while she was walking on the bike path. She was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and looked like a normal, happy go lucky girl who was just enjoying the day and filled with happiness and joy. Suddenly, she stopped in the middle of the bike path and looked directly at me. I know she was looking at me because there was no one behind me or around me. Sometimes I’m not sure if people are directing compliments toward me because everyone’s beautiful, made in God’s image.


Anyhow, she motioned that she wanted to take my picture. I was stunned. For me it’s more typical for a guy to want to take your picture, but if a normal, happy, pretty girl wants to, for me that’s just about one of the best compliments you can ever get. I’m still wondering about her. Maybe she’s a college photo major or maybe she’s into taking pictures for articles she writes. All I know is she truly made my day in a way I’ll never fully be able to explain, given the fact that my adopted family never told me I was pretty. To be singled out and made to feel extraordinary and special, those are the moments that your heart warms and soars and knows that truly, heaven is on earth.

Additionally, I also love the eclectic mixed of people Venice Beach draws. Everyone from innocent looking straight laced people to hippie beach combers come to the beach lapping the walkway like the steady flow of the ocean’s tide. The wide array of people makes me feel comfortable and captivates my attention because you’re never sure what you’ll see or who you’ll meet. It’s truly a place where the anomalies of society can shine without feeling judged getting the attention they so greatly need and the gorgeous crowds can be admired with awe and appreciation. You can even rollerblade right into stores and people will just smile and you and hope you’ll stay awhile. Like the people there are “rougher” spots, stores and people mixed with the extraordinary beauty of the ocean and some of the finest hotels in California. It’s a melting pot of the world without excluding any culture, social standing, religious and or political background.

There’s more. You can even rent rollerblades, bikes and more.  And, on special occasions, you’ll find that Venice beach will open its premises to festivals and interesting events. Heal the Bay, art shows and so much more greet you when you’re least expecting it to add to the amazing experience you’ll have there every time you visit.

Because I’m always looking for new ways to combine the things I love the most to make the greatest effective use of my time, I’ve decided to start regularly rollerblading again on my weekends (to get my exercise routine back, get some color, and be surrounded by an overflowing fountain of inspiration for my novel series).

So, if you’re looking and praying for it, the world truly does send you exactly what you need. Angels who circle ‘round and make you feel like you’re a one-of-a-kind special celebrity, who continually show you that just your alone presence changes lives, and that true genuine beauty can be found everywhere you go.

Just one thing I have to remember to do next time: apply some suntan lotion. I’m going to be hurting tonight.