Franklin Avenue

Franklin Avenue: Crown Heights’ Diamond in the Formerly Rough

By Nabewise

Can you describe this neighborhood for folks that have never been here before?

Multi-cultural, artful, talented. These are the words that come to mind. Creative, energetic, hip, cool, new.

How would you describe the types of people that live here?

There’s a whole movement of people from everywhere. You meet …


New York, New York!

By Nabewise

My trip to New York reveals great wisdom and knowledge … and the exact location of Fifth Avenue.
My husband and I just got home from a trip to fabulous New York City. It was my first visit, and I've come home filled with all sorts of new ideas and … promo code

another adventure with

By Nabewise

We Who Travel

this is just like a look that I've like seen on Instagram but like never knew where to shop hey guys it's michelle ready for another adventure with and

this week I am going to Detroit to check out the fashion scene with fashionista … promo code

How to Save at

By Nabewise Deal of the Day

With the help of Deal of the Day, you can save up to 50% off their travel packages. Places like Rio de Janeiro, Palm Springs and Cancun have previously been the destinations. When you book hotel, car rental and flight in package, you usually spend less money than when you … Wide Offer of Gift Cards, Coupons and Discounts

By Nabewise Wide Offer of Gift Cards

Traveling can get expensive. There are a lot of financial decisions that you have to make. However, can help you find the cheapest accommodations! They also offer countless gift cards, coupons and discounts making your travel plans as cheap as possible without sacrificing the quality of the services they … promo code

What Are the Services Offered at

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hotels-com discount provides travelers with a one-stop shopping source for amenities, availability and hotel pricing. They also specialize in offering travelers with accommodations during periods where lodgings are typically sold-out. has connections with different major chain hotels and even with some smaller and independent hotels. They also have connections with …