Eight of the Most Scenically Breathtaking Natural Springs in the World

By Nabewise

In the past, hot springs were honored as spiritual sites by Native Americans. These springs originate from deep inside the Earth and are said to cure and aid certain ailments.

Springs happen to be quite temperamental considering they can change temperature and dry up at anytime. Remember to respect Mother Nature as she has provided you with an amazing Natural Resource than can sustain life as long as we let it.

Strawberry Springs

Located 7 miles from Steamboat Springs and nestled between Rocky Peak and Copper Ridge. The water from the springs usually trickles down the hillside at approximately 150 degrees before it enters the stream. The largest pool is kept at 104 Degrees while the smaller shelves of the cells are cooler due to geothermal venting.

Krause Springs

Krause Springs is located 34 miles from Austin, Texas and is known to be the most prevalent in the state. The springs are a compilation of two separate cells that overlook Cypress Creek. The lower levels are adorned with Cypress trees and waterfalls which made it a spiritual place by the Native Indians. The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. “Two springs feed the 70′ by 20′ swimming pool at a rate of 70 gallons a minute at a temperature of about 70 degrees.”

Crab Cooker Hot Springs


The beautiful Eastern Sierras viewed from Crab Cooker Hot Springs. This spring is among several located in this highly popular camping and backpacking area. It's quite shallow but big enough for several people and the scenery that surrounds the bathing hole is spectacular.

Wekiva Springs

One of my favorite places to call home; the Wekiva Springs is located in Longwood, Florida where the Timucuan Indians fished and hunted for years. These thermal springs are fed by five diverse sources, while the fish come directly from the springs into two large cells. “The thermal water flows at a rate of 130 liters per second with a daily capacity of 5,760 people.” The temperature is usually kept around 72 Degrees which at times can feel like bathing in ice cubes. These healing waters contain calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, and carbon dioxide which can cure neurological disorders, arthritis, and skin deficiencies.

Banjar Hot Springs

The Banjar is located in Bali and not too far down the road from the only Buddhist monastery in the area. These hot springs are marvelously landscaped with tropical plants. Being they are proven to help with ailments and spiritual clarity, local residents and tourists are urged to spend a couple hours a day relaxing to sooth the soul and clear the mind.

Onsen in Nachikatsuura

The Onsen Spring in Nachikatsuura, Japan located on the premises of the Nakanoshima Hotel on Nakanoshima Island. The island has six different hot springs with high sulfur content and this is just one of them. The spring is said to aid in the healing process of arthritis, female infertility, gout and rheumatism.

Chena Hot Springs

Chena Springs is located northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska near the Chena River State Recreation Area. The resort is using the first low-temperature binary geothermal plant built in Alaska to explore alternative energy sources.


The main attraction at Mammoth Hot Springs is the terraces. The Mammoth Hot springs are continuously changing. As cells grow, water is forced to flow in different directions and the constant changes create a living sculpture made from heat, water, limestone, and rock fractures. The colors are derived from natural living organisms attaching themselves to the side of the terraces.