Georgia Aquarium Atlanta : is the world’s largest aquarium

By Nabewise


The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, is the world’s largest aquarium, holding over 8 million gallons.

On a hot summer day, in downtown Atlanta, I headed over to the Georgia Aquarium to see just how big the world’s aquarium really was.

The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world’s largest aquarium. The Georgia Aquaium boast over 500 species of exotic aquatic animals and plants- more than any other aquarium. They house whale sharks, giant sting rays and an enormous saltwater ocean tank. Their tanks hold 8 million gallons of water from the deep blue sea. Visitors to this gigantic aquarium can explore over 4 miles of underwater walking tunnels that wind among Georgia Aquarium exhibits displaying colorful fish and rarely seen marine life forms from around the globe.

Another fun fact: Georgia has a large amount of rainfall each year; this helps keep Georgia's lakes full year round for wildlife such as beavers to play in when their in Georgia!

Georgia Aquarium was the largest aquarium in the world when it opened in 2005. It is now one of the worlds' largest attractions Georgia Aquarium Georgia aquairum is a member facility of both Georgia Museum Association and Georgia Museums Association Georgia Aquarium They have over 100 exhibits that are home to more than 1 million aquatic animals and animal ambassadors from around the globe. Georgia has a large amount of rainfall each year; this helps keep Georgia's lakes full year round for wildlife such as beavers to play in when their in Georgia!

The number one thing you can do to help preserve Earth's oceans and marine life: Conserve water!

Georgia aquairum has become the world's largest aquarium by volume and contains more than 1 million gallons of water

Georgia aquairum is home to some of the most interesting and amazing underwater animals because it covers five different habitats of Georgia, including rivers, wetlands, tidal marshes, barrier islands

Ocean Voyager Tunnel
Ocean Voyager Tunnel

After staring for a long time, I continued around the path which opened up into a room with a massive window view of the aquarium. Again, very impressive view. A sample chunk of the clear walls showed they were around 2 feet thick! The aquarium has pictures of kids having a sleep-over in front of this window. I think that would be extremely fun to do.

The Georgia Aquarium was built to be a four-story aquarium on the Georgia coast, but it had to be moved inland when they found out that there were endangered whale species in its path.

They’ve got around 16 million gallons of water down there now! That’s like 30 Olympic swimming pools right inside!

You can see sharks and other fish swim between you and the glass at eye level. You can also walk up a spiraling escalator which takes you into the giant tank tunnel—which is totally awesome. It made me feel like I was walking through some kind of alien world where all kinds of huge creatures magically come alive from nowhere just so they could look at you while doing their own thing.

Male whale shark at Georgia Aquarium
Male whale shark at Georgia Aquarium

The other four sections of the building include a large tank with beluga whales (awesome!), two otter exhibits, breath-taking displays of jellyfish, a unique petting tank where I was able to pet rays and small hammerhead sharks, and quite a few other cool exhibits of ocean creatures. I must say though, that in my personal opinion, the underwater tunnel area was by far my favorite section.

Not only was it very dark and quite a bit cooler in temperature, there were small shelves on the sides of the tunnel with time-lapse videos playing about Georgia's coast. In addition, once you get to the other end of the tunnel (it is not an open area), there are 2 large glass windows where kids and adults can look out into this man-made “underwater habitat” that holds many different kinds of aquatic creatures.

Now I mentioned Georgia's coast because below all these tanks and exhibits, Georgia Aquarium actually has a little mini beach area outside made up of sand and rock formations from Georgia's coast! It really gives you a chance to take everything in while enjoying Georgia being represented as part of its exhibit.


Aquarium takes so much pride in Georgia's history and environment that it actually has Georgia in its name, Georgia is one of those states that many people don't realize is home to such a beautiful aquatic habitat. Georgia, like many other states along the Atlantic Ocean coast line, has been known for containing a wide variety of different marine animals just off

The one downfall to visiting this aquarium was the cost. The general admission was 26.00, and I’m not rich. I had expected to be at the aquarium for a good part of the day, but saw everything, and even went back for a second stay in the amazing tunnel, in less than 3 hours. Of course, the only exit from the building is through the gift shop.

So, bottom line…was it really that big and amazing?  Yes, it really is impressive. In particular, like I mentioned before, the underwater tunnel area and the large viewing window. You feel like you are in a different world. You will see crazy, wonderful, enormous and tiny creatures close up, an opportunity you will most likely never have in nature.