Tips for New Comers to Metro Atlanta

By Nabewise
Tips for New Comers to Metro Atlanta

Useful tips to new people coming to Metro Atlanta and fun facts for everyone else.
The first place you should learn is where the Big Chicken in Marietta is. All directions start from the Big Chicken, located on highway 41 in Marietta.

If you want to see the real Atlanta, avoid the chain stores and patronize the shops and home owned businesses, otherwise it is the same as everywhere else.

Plan to leave work earlier on Friday because the rush starts at lunch time.

The best time to visit Six Flags is on Sunday morning when everybody is at church. Have you map in your hand and head for the coasters. You won't have to wait in line until lunchtime.

Don't even try to drive on Peachtree Street in Buckhead during the holidays.

Try to get a smaller older house in Atlanta if you can afford it, closer to your job and short a commute.

Try going to the T-Gate checkpoint at the air port. It will save you time and get you to your destination a little faster.

Take a walk down Highland Avenue from north to Virginia Avenue. You will see why you came to the south.

There are two different Roswell Roads. One runs east/west in Marietta and (by the Big Chicken) the other runs north /south from Buckhead to Sandy Springs.

If you find a good short cut for avoiding traffic, don't tell anybody.

Dresden Drive in DeKalb has the best tag office. Its two blocks off Peachtree Road and you will get out fast.

Don't try to impress anyone with your French when pronouncing Ponce De Leon in Atlanta, the Leon part rhymes with neon and you can call it Ponce for short.

Slow down and remember you are in the South. We move a little slower so be patient.

Don't ever drive when the road ices, you might know how but nobody else around here does.

Remember it's not the heat that hurts you it's the humidity.

Try to stay off 285 between 3 and 7 o'clock because north is not north, east is not east and west is not west. Only a bunch of engineers at Georgia Tech know where these directions came from and you don't want to be in the wrong lane during these hours.

Get acquainted with the Hooch. It's a good place to walk, ride, jog, picnic or shoot the Hooch.

If you are thinking about driving Ga.400, Don't.

Try to remember that every time you get on an interstate in Atlanta you will meet a jerk. Don't let it bother you, accept it and move on.

When trying to pronounce a place's name get a person raised here to tell you how. ( Mari-etta is May-retta.)

We like to get all the young-uns together and go stare at a rock. Our rock just happens to be carved up southern style and has a spiffy laser show. It's called Stone Mountain.

When you visit a southerner on departing their house be sure to say,” Ya'll come to see us when you're in our neck of the woods.”

If someone comes to your house when you are having a meal say” Come on in and put your feet under the table.”

To all you transplants I would like to say. You are welcome here, you will soon feel right at home and I hope you stay with us for a long time.