Youtube tv promo code

Youtube tv promo code

The Youtube live TV streaming service replaces expensive cable subscriptions by offering an impressive 70 channel line up out of the top 100 channels. youtube tv promo code free month 2020 , coupon code for youtube coupon code

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    Cutting The Cord On Cable With Youtubes Live TV

    Cutting The Cord On Cable With Youtubes Live TV Streaming Service

    "Cutting the cord" is the terminology used when a consumer rids their life of the expensive cable bills. So, you ask how one watches television programming? It's called premium live TV streaming, and it beats cable hands down. Other benefits typically incorporated in live TV streaming are up to six separate family profiles, capabilities of a hard DVR like TiVo, easily adapts to a variety of devices, and unlimited storage with cloud DVR. These advantages vary from streaming service to streaming service, so it's best to do your homework before choosing a service.

    YouTube TV channels

    A Channel Line Up That Rivals Cable Subscriptions

    The Youtube live TV streaming service replaces expensive cable subscriptions by offering an impressive 70 channel line up out of the top 100 channels. If you're a sports fan, you'll love Youtube TV's sports channels, which include ESPN, ESPN 2, MLB Network, FS1, NBA TV, NBC Sports, and CBS Sports. Although, if you want extended NFL viewing specifically, you'll have to check out other NFL streaming services to add. Youtube TV also streams the local networks ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox so you can still keep up with local news and programming. A note regarding local channel line ups, this is an essential feature in locations that experience severe weather regularly. For the newshounds, Youtube TV includes, in addition to local news channels, CNN, CNBS, MSNBC, BBC America, and Fox News. Youtube TV entertainment and lifestyle channels rival cable with National Geographics, Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, TLC, Lifetime, Bravo, and much more. Keep in mind channel lineups may vary from location to location.

    Setup Is Easy With Youtube TV

    The first step is to go to the Youtube TV website to start your subscription. Here, Youtube TV asks you to set up your payment plan, user ID, passwords, among other things. Once you have finished setting up your payment options, Youtube TV charges for the first month of service, which is around 55.00. Youtube does not have setup charges or any other hidden fees like cable services do. After completing the payment information section, Youtube TV directs you to a series of user-friendly steps to customize your viewing preferences.

    YouTube TV setup easy

    User-friendly Customization And Personalization

    Next, familiarize yourself with the three tabs that breakdown what Youtube TV offers, Home, Live, and Library. The Home tab is where you view your recommended watchlist. These recommendations become more personalized as you watch more shows. Following the Home tab is the Library tab, which keeps all your saved episodes and programs plus the option to record all current and upcoming airings automatically. The last is the Live tab, where you'll view real-time broadcasting on every channel included with Youtube TV. Another useful feature with this live TV streaming service is the ability to customize your lineup by hiding specific networks manually, so you only see your preferred programming. To complete this action, go to the Live tab, and select sort then hit edit.

    Using Youtube's Service On Different Devices

    One of the best benefits of streaming over cable is the ability to view programming on most devices such as the mobile phone operating systems Andriod and iOS, smart TVs, tablets, Chrome and Firefox web browsers, gaming systems, and other platforms like Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV. YouTube says it now supports service in 99.5% of households in the United States.

    What's The Cost And How Does It Compare To Cable

    YouTube TV promo code free month

    YouTube TV is an alternative to other streaming services such as Sling TV, AT & T TV Now and Hulu + Live TV. It’s part of Google’s effort to cash in on consumers who want to ditch their expensive cable services for something more budget-friendly and customizable. YouTube TV was started in 2017, and it’s a separate business entity from YouTube.You can watch YouTube TV on a variety of devices and smart televisions and platforms like Apple TV, Roku OS, Android TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Samsung and LG. As for devices, you can enjoy YouTube TV on your iOs, Android, Playstation and Xbox One models. You can find a complete list of current devices that run YouTube TV on its website.

    As for the price, it’s $49.99 per month. You can try it for free for 14 days without any upfront payment. While the price per month may seem a little steep, it’s still cheaper than the average cable bill. Plus, you can cancel the membership at any time without any cancellation fees. So what do you get for $49.99 per month from YouTube TV? The streaming channel has a large variety of live broadcast channels like Disney XD, ESPN 2, CNN, Cartoon Network and SYFY. For a small additional fee, you can add premium channels like Showtime, AMC Premiere or Starz. The sports fans will love the option to add the entire season of the NBA games too.