Boston Travel Guide

Boston Travel Guide – 10 AMAZING things to do in Boston

By Nabewise

hello from Boston so I'm here for a quick like 48 hours so let's explore the city and I'm going to kick things off right here at Boston Common this is a massive park like Central Park

so I suggest you take a nice gorgeous profit some exercise thoughts and comments you could surely spend the whole afternoon here why not paint the Ducks we'll take one of these full duck both soaked on the side summertime in Boston glory well the park is gorgeous you know me I got to do a little shopping so let's go check out Newbury Street okay there you see Newbury Street in here we have Burberry Tiffany so if you're looking for upscale shopping this is your street there are lots of familiar designer stores but I'm going to pop in a little boutique and do something different

so it's great is after you cruise Newbury Street it goes like hi entities more funky boutiques and then you can head over to Fenway Park which yes that might seem basic but it's something that you have to see so I'm going to go take my blue Kotori Funway Park picture okay so we're a little backlit but this is Lansdowne Street this is a great area for clubbing and there's been way let's get closer and if the stadium isn't open but you want to check it out you can go here go through and get a good view once you get to the stadium be shortened to your obligatory selfie to get the sign in there the street closes down so it's like a great place if you don't go in go to the bars they also do great tours and it's America's oldest baseball stadium so why not check it out

next we're going to go to the Freedom Trail I'm going to do it on my own show you some highlights but you can also do a tour it's an hour and a half so that's another thing you can hear in Boston the Freedom Trail is really beautiful I'm a performer here's house all the famous stuff I also really like this Holocaust Memorial so take a look at this this part of the Freedom Trail honors Holocaust survivors and you walk through each station and there's steam coming up it looks all the way up and of course

I have to go check out the Union Oyster House America's oldest restaurant and tavern which is your bar and here we have the Kennedy booth this was the favorite booth of John F Kennedy when he dined at the Union oyster this place is awesome there's lots of locals watching Red Sox and it's almost like a blocking like living museum and I'm trying their Lumia Leo which they only have here nice really good so be sure to stop by here get some history some seafood looks like gosh that is so big I got I'm filming all this oh my god and if you're feeling like being super cheesy and always go into Cheers there's so many amazing parks and garden

you have to just walk around don't be afraid to get lost and explore about how cool is that oh you know just another one of these things you see in the park feel like it's like back to the future it definitely take a nice casual stroll along the harbor I'm actually going to cross the bridge to the other side of it's so peaceful there's live music the Sun is out it's we're here barking frog clam chowder crab cake and depending on how much energy you have I'm on my last leg but going to Cambridge we are at Harvard Square don't walk around get some dinner so if you like going over to Cambridge do it so even at night everything is so illuminated and it's really beautiful and it's quite safe so take a little stroll around campus and for dinner we're eating here it's supposed to be the number one restaurant and Cambridge food is to thumbs up this is a lawful the salad of things and definitely say use it only on offend butchering the name apology as I said this is a walking tour so if you're interested there's so many colleges to university

here you can definitely check out Boston University's campus it's so peaceful and quiet something else to do I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe all the information about what I did will be below see you next time