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  • Harvard Square

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    One of the most well-known areas of Boston, Harvard Square surrounds the university and square that give the area its name. Harvard Square has become a major intellectual, cultural, and nightlife center. While the area is home to many restaurants, bars, and shops, it also maintains a serene and

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  • Jamaica Plain

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    Called “JP” by locals, Jamaica Plain is described by its residents as “neighborhoodie.” This nabe is a tight-knit, largely residential community with good shopping, dining, and outdoor parks–especially Arnold Arboretum. On weekend afternoons, there are often block parties and other colorful community events. Jamaica Plain has great access to

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  • Charlestown

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    Across the Charles River from the North End of Boston sits Charlestown, a nabe whose rich history is reflected in beautiful historic homes and public monuments. Beantown’s most famously mis-named landmark, the Bunker Hill Monument, sits atop Charlestown’s Breed’s Hill. The population of Charlestown is experiencing a shift as

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  • Wellesley

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    Wellesly Hills, has all the charm, and high repute of Wellesley proper, but it also boasts such conveniences as its own commuter rail station, a big organic grocery store, and an historical library with comfy window seats. Wellesley Hills' numerous parks, reservoirs and country clubs are populated by designer-donning

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  • Columbia Point

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    Columbia Point, part of Dorchester, is often referred to as Bayside or Savin Hill. Columbia point offers great public amenities like views of Boston Harbor, easy downtown transit options, and access to JFK Library and UMASS Boston. A steady migration of South Endresidents over the last decade has lead

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  • Back Bay

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    Back Bay is the world’s most luxurious landfill. In the late 19th century, Bostonians filled the “back bay” of the Charles River with earth, enabling its transition from a riverbed into one of Boston’s proudest neighborhoods. Accessible by Green and Orange T lines, the neighborhood’s Victorian brownstone homes and

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  • Beacon Hill

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    Residents of Beacon Hill enjoy walks to work along narrow streets lined with gas lights and brick row-houses from the Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian periods. They sip Cape-Codders on rooftop decks with views of the State House’s copper dome just a stone’s throw away and they run into

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  • Cobble Hill

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    Wedged between Cambridge and East Somerville, Cobble Hill is an itty bitty nabe forging the border between Harvard's nerds and Somerville's hipsters. It's a low key nabe with some industrial smatterings and apartment buildings housing hordes of struggling undergrads. Cobble Hill boasts a park and a fairly well known …

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  • South Boston

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    Formerly known as Dorchester Neck, South Boston marks the historic site where George Washington evacuated the British in 1776. These days it is better known as the location of Ben Affleck's more mature works. “Southie” as locals say, exudes a cinematic quality: sweeping views across Pleasure Bay, ample park space, …

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  • Ten Hills

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    Located on the south bank of the Mystic River and separated from other Somerville nabes by Interstate 93 and Rt 28, Ten Hills is a tiny nabe predominated by–despite what its name suggests–one single hill. Named after John Winthrop's Ten Hills Farm, this nabe has ample access to recreational activities, …

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  • East Somerville

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    The oldest neighborhood in Somerville, East Somerville is known for its rich history and tight knit vibe: a thriving main street, community gardens, and annual festivals (there's a Fluff Fest every year–last year's theme was “whoopie pies!!”) Residents here take advantage of the fairly inexpensive rent and proximity to larger …

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  • Mid Cambridge

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    As its names suggests, Mid Cambridge is in the heart of Cambridge proper, surrounded by such hotspots as Harvard and Iman Squares. It is a densely populated, residential area with single family homes, brownstones, and apartment buildings of all sizes. Mid Cambridge is a leafy green nabe despite its high …

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  • Inman Square

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    Inman Square is city dwelling at its best. You'll find quiet residential streets just steps away from a hip, happening main street where local businesses thrive. Green space and green grocers keep locals healthy and happy, and neighborhood pride is strong and on display at local coffee shops (no Starbucks …

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  • Financial District

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    Boston's Financial District's exact boundaries are rather nebulous, but it's fair to say this nabe sits between ChinatownGovernment Center, and Downtown Crossing. Any given Tuesday in the Financial District, you're likely to see the following: lawyers hurrying accross the street, bankers eating at a lunch truck, mutual …

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  • Jamaica Hills

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    Jamaica Hills is part of Boston’s Jamaica Plain nabe. Bounded by the Arnold Arboretum, sections of The Emerald Necklace, and Jamaica Pond, Jamaica Hills is true green space haven. In addition to its parks, residents also enjoy close proximity to the richly diverse restaurants and shops in Jamaica Plain’s urban …

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  • Fisher Hill

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    In Fisher Hill, you'll be hard-pressed to find a home without one of the following: a turret, a drawing room, a commissioned lawn sculpture. Built atop a hill bordering the Brookline Reservoir, Fisher Hill's streets wind through a beautiful, wooded landscape. At the very apex of the hill is Newbury …

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  • Winthrop

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    A peninsula to the northeast of Boston proper, Winthrop has miles of coastline that face the ocean, Logan Airport, and East Boston. All of these are accessible through a local bus line and marinas, making this closely-knit, residential nabe a convenient locale for commuters and fishermen alike. The overhead airplane …

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  • Porter Square

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    Porter Square is sandwiched by Harvard Square and Davis Square–giving this nabe a convenient location and plenty of amenities. Porter Square offers affordable housing, direct access to the Red Line T, convenient shopping at suburb-sized grocery stores, and ample dining options for residents and visitors.

    Porter Square Data
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  • Newton Centre

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    Newton Centre is the largest downtown area among all the villages of Newton, and serves as an upscale commercial destination for western Boston suburbs. Within Newton Centre, you'll find beautiful parks and playgrounds and large, single family homes belonging to folks that work Downtown. Some area college students live

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  • Waban

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    Waban, another of Newton's several villages, is home to a mix of large single family mansions and more modestly sized homes in a manicured, suburban setting. An authentic old fashioned market hardware store add dimension the nabe, and the Waban Improvement Society organizes community events and projects to rouse pride …

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  • West Newton

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    One of the oldest villages in the city of Newton, West Newton is a quaint, residential neighborhood with beautiful homes just outside of Boston proper. West Newton Square forms the town center and is home to a quiet collection of locally owned businesses and bistros, including the historic West Newton …

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  • Auburndale

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    Auburndale, just south of the Charles, remains one of Newton's quieter villages. Little has changed in Auburndale in comparison to neighboring Waban and West Newton, which have become a bit ritzy and urban recently. The residents of this nabe enjoy all the foliage and space available to them in …

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  • Larchwood

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    A tiny nabe wedged between West Cambridge and Porter Square, Larchwood is often hailed as one of Cambridge's prettiest neighborhoods. Originally the estate of wealthy Salem merchant William Gray, the land was redesigned in 1915 by well-known landscape architect Henry Hubbard as a residential subdivision. Larchwood boasts green lawns, tree …

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  • Brighton

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    Wedged between Allston and Newton, Brighton is a lively little nabe that many of Boston's brightest call home. Not quite the student mecca that Allston is, or the hilly, suburban locale of Newton, Brighton seems to take the best of both worlds: residential and busy at the same time. The …

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  • South End

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    The South End got its name because it's located south of the Back Bay. The area is a mix of residential and commercial zoning that is dense, with a different look and feel on nearly every street. This nabe boasts more public playgrounds per square foot than any other …

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  • Prudential

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    Prudential is widely known as a shopaholic's paradise. The Prudential Cente is home to a giant mall with everything from a male bathing suit store to an award-winning chowder house. But there's more to the nabe than the mall. A stone's throw away from Symphony Hall and other top notch …

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  • Chinatown

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    Chinatown is one of Boston’s oldest and most dynamic nabes. Its history, food, traditions, and people make up a rich and ever-changing culture. Located next to Tufts Medical Center and Downtown Crossing, Chinatown is in the thick of downtown action. During the day, eclectic market produce and wares overflow onto …

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  • Aggasiz-Harvard University

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    Harvard Aggasiz is located within Cambridge, northeast of Harvard Yard. Like a soap opera marriage, the neighborhood’s relationship with the University is complicated: the college relies on the nabe for space to build, the nabe relies on the college for money and beautification efforts. Harvard and Lesley Universities bring an …

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  • Sweet, Sweet Newbury Street: A Chocolate Tour in Back Bay

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    Boston sights, the Freedom Trail, historical nabe walks, and harbor tours come to mind. Yawn, right? Luckily, I’ve found a tour with a sweet edge for those of us that are curious and hungry: The Boston Chocolate Walking Tour Company.

    While the company offers several tour routes, I chose Back

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  • Secret’s Out: Interview With a Southie Native

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    A lifelong City Point resident and owner of Clair Anne’s Flower Shop, Clair tells us about the highlights of City Point.

    How much has the neighborhood changed in the past few decades?

    It’s unbelievable. When I was your age and I worked at Gillette, they didn’t like South Boston. They …

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