Forest Hill, San Francisco

Forest Hill

By Nabewise


Wedged between attractive nabes Forest Knolls andInner Parkside, Forest Hill sits right in the heart of San Francisco. Tree lined streets, manicured lawns, and stately homes beckon those who can afford to call it home. Deriving its name from the hill that it sits on, Forest Hill's narrow streets meander along and up its reaches with rustic appeal. The nabe can feel far away from the city that surrounds, as it’s one of the least densely populated areas of San Francisco.eo.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Clean 95%
Quiet 92%
Safety 90%
Families 83%
Gentrifying 75%

Lowest – Score out of 100

Green space 50%
Seniors 34%
Dining 25%
Shopping 17%
Singles 0%

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Best of the Gems

You step out of your car, or wagon, or off the Muni, and are greeted by leafy trees, smiling flowers, and winding slopes. Where are the skyscrapers of the city, you ask? “Where are the packed houses and businesses?” Not here! Forest Hill is far removed from the buzz of the city. “But it’s so green!” you say? Yes! One of the goals of the people who built this place was for you to be surrounded by trees, shrubs, decorative stairways, and benches, almost like being in fairy-land. “What about the duplexes, and apartments?” None of that. Forest hill contains exclusively single-family homes, built by famous architects such as Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Henry Hill. ” But where are the schools for my children, and the shops?” Not to worry, just outside this nabe lie prestigious elementary and high schools, and enough stores and shops to satisfy your needs. Make Forest Hill your home, you won’t regret it.

What's awesome

The layout of the nabe, the landscaping, how removed from the city noise it is, extremely safe, charming

What's not so awesome

home prices

Chloe N.

Hidden Utopia

Forest Hill is not very “city”, but it’s an amazing place to get to call home. The streets are long and winding, which cuts down on people using it as a shortcut. The trees are green all year round, and provide a sort of canopy over a lot of the streets. It’s a quiet place, where you expect to hear a constant stream of water and frogs croaking. Where fairies could appear at any moment and people would wave hello and continue on with their days. Where you look up and expect to see trees spouting honeysuckle and money (with the prices of these houses, you can only hope money grows on the trees). Alas, when you choose to venture out into the big concrete world, you wander into Forest Hill Station and any inbound bus will take you right downtown and into the hustle bustle of the city.

Kati S


I got lost in this neighborhood once, during a drive, but what a wonderful feeling of lost it was. The homes are simply beautiful. They’re way out of my price range, or anyone’s price range for that matter. It’s quiet and gets a lot of sun at it’s highest part atop the hill.

If I were a mother, concerned with raising kids (and well-off) I’d certainly think of moving to this part of town. The commute to downtown is simple thanks to the close-by Forest Hill station and you’d feel comfortable knowing your raising your family in a safe, beautiful and well-kept neighborhood. There’s absolutely no nightlife or entertainment, but who needs that when you live in exquisiteness?

Michaela Ann M.

Enchanted forest

Forest Hill is the neighborhood you’d love to live in but know you never will. Or at least I never will. It’s way out of my price league but beautiful homes nonetheless. The real gems are at the top of the hill, where the streets begin to narrow. But however stunning the neighborhood is, it definitely lacks in the culture and diversity that SF is known for.

Gena F.