Girard Estate

Girard Estate

By Nabewise

For Girard Estate, the adage rings true: “It’s all in the name.” The neighborhood’s benefactor made certain that even the architecture here would distinguish Girard Estate from its surroundings. Strolling through this sleepy nabe of low-trafficked streets, you won’t find the sets of row houses Philly's known for. Instead, semi-detached homes in varying elegant designs populate the area. While unquestionably within the urban bounds of Philly (and near teeming urban activity), Girard Estate’s quiet, residential atmosphere is apt to make you feel a little less city-slicker and a little more suburban socialite.

Girard Estate Data

Top Attributes
  • Quiet
  • Safety
  • Seniors
  • Clean
  • Public Schools
Lowest Attributes
  • Green space
  • Nightlife
  • Dining
  • Income
  • Singles

Girard Estate Articles and Reviews

philly's suburban haven

one of the most desirable neighborhoods in philly for families. i would say that compared to other good family areas, or lots of philly in general, girard estate is the suburban philly. it doesn’t have much of an urban feel to it at all, there are big lawns, actual houses, etc. it’s really safe here, lots of kids, friendly people, great schools. a great place to strike a compromise between the safety and comfort for family and still being relatively close to urban areas for culture and fun.

Kevin D.


A Clean, Well-Lit Place to Live

Tidy, non-confrontational, and nice, Girard Estate(s) welcomes families into its loving embrace.

Girard Estates was gifted to the city by one of the wealthiest men in the United States (Stephen Girard) upon his death, and since then has been developed into a nice place for nice folk to raise nice kids all in nice proximity to groceries and schools and big boxes, too.

What's awesome

It’s really nice. Nice architecture, too (different than the typical Philly row house), which is a nice departure from the norm.

What's not so awesome

There’s room for single folk and students as well, but if you want a little less “Full House” and a little more “Animal House,” you’re better looking to hipper nabes like University City, Fitler or Fishtown, or even Newbold South (not far from GE).

Hannah R.