Highlands, WA

Highlands, WA

By Nabewise



Highlands is a heavily wooded nabe that epitomizes the term “suburban solace.” Large single family homes are hidden from prying eyes by huge pines and set well away from the street to provide an epic level of quiet. Many homes feature stunning landscaping in the front and back, further adding to the already lush landscape of Highlands. There are multiple bus stops located in this nabe, making travel by mass transit not only viable, but relatively easy as well.

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Stacy W.

Quiet variety with the occasional great view

One of the great things about the Kirkland area in general is the diversity of housing. The Highlands epitomizes this variety. While most of the housing is single family homes, they are all very different from each other. There may be new construction next to a 5 year old ramble down the street from a very large home built more than 30 years ago. The lot sizes are nice and provide plenty of space for both privacy and room to play, garden, or just sit and relax. Gardening styles vary as well from the well manicured to the natural. It’s nice to see each property reflect the unique character of the owner.

There are some stunning views across Lake Washington and Kirkland is just steps away. The commute almost anywhere would be doable with 405 right behind you.

What's awesome

diversity of housing styles and properties


Alex L.

Highlands embodies the typical Kirkland vibe

Highlands is what I would probably consider the most transparent area of Kirkland, not for any particularly bad reason, but because the borders of this area can be confusing. Passing through Highlands, one might just as easily mistake it for Norkirkor other bordering nabes (although Rose Hill has a distinct feel which separates the two, besides the 405). That said, I hold the other areas of Kirkland in particularly high esteem, so Highlands does not fall outside the scope of those expectations.

Community, like most of Kirkland, is great here. You’ll find gentrifiers more often because of nearby Northwest, and because housing, in certain areas, can be relatively cheap, but mostly friendly faces. It’s within walking distance to great areas down by Lake Washington, but expect a trek back up. Since it is on a hill, depending on where you are, on a crisp day you can see all the way to Downtown Seattle, with the heights of buildings just peaking above the hill like sprouting seeds in the soil. If you’re just visiting, make sure you come on a sunny day — you’ll be sure to happen upon a great yard sale or BBQ at the park.


Wayne B.

So much foliage, I kind of feel as if I took a wrong turn and found Jurassic Park

Highlands is one of those nabes that I would like to live in just so I could walk the streets after dinner, watching the sun set with my Ipod blasting Chopin or something equally peaceful. There is so much foliage in this nabe it feels like you are wondering through the untouched woods common in the northern part of Washington State. Highlands is an excellent nabe to raise kids away from the bustle of Seattle or Bellevue. There are a couple of nice parks for the kids to play in, and the community hosts events for the whole family with some regularity during the summer months. This is definitely an upscale nabe, but if you can afford it, I seriously doubt the Highlands would disappoint anyone.


Olivia M.

I wanna live here!

I wish I could afford to raise my kids here! The yards are huge and the community seems strong and supporting. Plus this nabe is so gorgeous, and so green and peaceful. Highlands has this slow and pastoral vibe about it, almost like you are living in the mountains. This is incredible considering how close to Bellevue the nabe is. The parks are really nice and the ability to hop on a bus to go shopping is really appealing to me. I think my new goal might just be to own a house here someday.

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