Washington Park

Washington Park

By Nabewise

Washington Park is definitely one of Seattle's areas where housing seems to be bought by the acre. Washington Park is calm and tranquil, yet its nestled right between some of the fastest developing areas of Seattle metro. Close to chic feel of Madison Valley, its great for people looking to escape the city rush, but close enough for people to dip their feet in the action once in a while. Commuters enjoy easy access to Downtown, the 520 and I-5, while along the western boarder spans 230 acres of Seattle's beautiful Arborteum.

Washington Park Data

Top Attributes
  • Families
  • Safety
  • Green space
  • Clean
  • Income
Lowest Attributes
  • Public Transportation
  • Singles
  • Dining
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife

Washington Park Articles and Reviews

The Shire

Like most of the nabes in this part of Seattle, Washington Park is green, gorgeous, and a little freakin’ expensive. It also has some serious magic to it. Imagine wandering through Middle Earth with your hobbits, this would likely be The Shire.

Washington Park is definitely one of those Seattle nabes that makes you envious. The houses are gorgeous, and the setting even more so. Proximity to the lake raises the land values, but it is so worth it.

Sean M.


Leafiest Nabe

Washington Park:

Washington Park boarders along Lake Washington to the south, Madison to the north and McGilvra to the east. Just outside this nabe, you’ll find a small commercial center to the north near Lake Washington, and going south on Madison will take you to the beautiful Madison Valley. If natures your deal, you’ll go crazy for this nabe, because it’s sandwiched between Lake Washington and the Arboretum, a park so big you’re liable to get lost in it. As for Lake Washington, it’s so poppin’ in the summer you’ll have to fight for a space to tan.

Christopher M.