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Neponset is a nabe in the southeast corner ofDorchester and the most heavily populated neighborhood in Boston. A recent influx of young professionals and creative types have given Neponset a fun and modern vibe. With a thriving commercial and cultural center and a plethora of funky restaurants, Neponset is quickly evolving into a hip Boston nabe. Neponset is served by the Red Line and several MBTA bus lines.

Neponset, Boston Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Parking 83
Dining 69
Public Schools 63
Nightlife 58
Families 58


Empty nesters 44
Safety 44
Quiet 33
Seniors 19
Income 15

Neponset, Boston Reviews

Big, diverse neighborhood

A neighborhood in Dorchester, Neponset is diverse, in terms of the ethnicity and the age of residents and is a spacious nabe with many parks. I-93 runs through here and Route 3A connected Neponset with Quincy, so it’s easy to get around if you have a car. It’s harder by MBTA, but there are bus routes and the Red Line’s nearby.

It’s an interesting neighborhood for sure and one that is worth exploring. Cool restaurants and shops are moving in and visiting here is a good chance to take a breather outside of downtown Boston.

Heather V.


Get yer ya-yas out at the park!

By far the best addition to the Dorchester area, Pope John Paul II Park has opened up the Neponset River to the people of southern Boston. This spread of grassy hills and walking paths used to be a landfill and drive-in theater, until it was renovated and opened in 2001. For the last decade, it’s been a popular spot for adults, children, and dogs. Even with Route 93 North running by it, only minimal sounds escape the road to the park. Also, finding parking here tends to be a breeze!

Gray H.


Quickly becoming a cultural hotspot…

Typically known as a working class neighborhood, it seems that Neponset is quickly becoming a little cultural enclave and home to many young professionals and artists seeking cheap rent and a more suburban feel. And as with the chicken or the egg, it’s hard to determine which came first-the hip youngsters or the awesome restaurants that are now popping up all over. Did these young professionals and creatives come out here for a taste of Irie Jamaican Restaurant’s curried goat or did Irie’s pop up because they saw a need to feed some young hipsters some irie flavors? Either way, doesn’t matter. Neponset has a seriously ethnically diverse population and it is boldly expressed in the culture of the nabe, which is very lucky for all who live there.

Mallory C.