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Remember the Pullman Strike you learned about in middle school? Yeah, that happened here. Pullman got its name from railroad car mogul George Pullman and his Pullman Palace Car Company. This nabe got many of its uniform streets and homes from the mini-city George Pullman created for his workers (many of them didn’t like that and moved to West Pullman), and its lovely mansions from the higher-ups in the company. With most of its buildings’ exteriors remaining unchanged from back in the day, Pullman feels a bit like a well-maintained time capsule—a necessary stop for architecture, history, or railroad buffs.

Pullman, Chicago Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Quiet 88
Clean 81
Empty nesters 77
Community 75
Charming 74


Singles 31
Shopping 25
Nightlife 25
Dining 25
Income 10

Pullman, Chicago Reviews

Pullman has some fantastic history but it’s in the middle of nowhere. Great to settle down with a family or visit the architectural marvels. I don’t know if the relatively inexpensive rent will create much allure for young people to start moving in in the next couple of years, though.



Pullman is a charming community with plenty to offer, at least in the architecture and open space departments. As was mentioned before, the history is unlike any other area of Chicago, and the Pullman row houses do take you back to an industrial time period. There is enough of room outside for exercise and relaxation, but there could be more in the way of dining options. Truth be told, Pullman has a below-par dining scene (one restaurant), and it doesn’t get any better when looking for produce centers.

The return of living in Pullman is that it’s about as far away from the Loop (in the south) as you can be and still travel back and forth quickly. Pullman is served by the Brown Line and the Metra.

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the past lives in pullman

Pullman has a rich history that’s still quite alive today, as opposed to many post-industrial towns. When Pullman first began as residences for the Pullman Palace Car Company, it was called “the world’s most perfect town.” That title may be up for grabs today, but you can still catch some pretty authentic glimpses of what was at pullman’s historical museum and the walking tours the town offers.

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