University Park

University Park

By Nabewise

University Park derives its name from its centerpiece institution, Southern Methodist University. A neighbor to Highland Park, this charming neighborhood enjoys some of the greenest scenery in the city. The streets are clean and tree-lined, the homes are immaculate, and the people are at ease. The university's presence makes a noticeable impact on the area, but students and permanent residents alike mix effortlessly, making University Park a very peaceful place to live.

University Park Data
  • Clean
  • Safety
  • Families
  • Shopping
  • Empty nesters
Lowest Attributes
  • Dining
  • Quiet
  • Nightlife
  • Singles
  • Public Transportation

University Park Articles and Reviews

Beautiful homes, beautiful people

This nabe can be best described by a quote an out of town friend of mine said when driving through University Park: “No wonder everyone’s so skinny here, they walk their dogs down streets with the most beautiful homes.” That pretty much describes this nabe – beautiful homes, beautiful people. And lots of families.

Who doesn’t want to live in this Dallas nabe? The people have that sweet southern charm, the public school’s are great, the nabe is friendly, and it feels like a small town within a big city. One of the finest (and wealthiest) neighborhoods in Dallas.

What's awesome

Charming people, gorgeous homes, and bright green lawns.

Awesome dining and lots of upscale boutique stores.

Family friendly with a safe environment.

What's not so awesome

Sometimes the “parkies” can be snooty to outsiders

Meredith L.


Same Old Same Rich

University Park is no different from the other Park cities – the people are beautiful, the money is abundant, and the homes are massive. SMU’s polo-clad masses are common sights in the area, as are brigades of Suburbans, soccer moms and accompanying soccer kids.

UP is by all means a very nice place to live – but wealth is the rule here. Conservatism, too, is a common trait. Church going is the norm, as is the nuclear family. None of these are by any stretch bad things, but they are the reality in this old money block of Dallas.

What's awesome

Beautiful homes, quiet streets, as safe as it can get

What's not so awesome

High prices, an exclusive culture

Samuel A.