Visitacion Valley

Visitacion Valley

By Nabewise


Visitacion Valley is an isolated nabe bordering Candlestick Cove in the city's southeast corner. Home to SF’s largest housing project on Sunnydale Avenue, residents here are focused on community efforts geared toward improving neighborhood life. McLaren Park borders the nabe to the west and hosts miles of winding trails great for a walk or a jog.

Visitacion Valley Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Blue Collar 97
Gritty 89
Ethnic 88
Parking 63
Families 53


Shopping 38
Green space 33
Seniors 32
Singles 25
Income 6

Visitacion Valley Reviews

Chloe N.

The Sticks

While I’m sure Visitacion Valley must have some strong suits other than low rent, the only things I can think of are it’s inconveniences: the public schools are terrible, the nabe is unsafe and gritty, and it’s completely out of the way. The crime rate is high, with thefts and break-ins occurring on a regular basis, and that combined with public schools that rarely ever meet national averages make for a nabe that is definitely not a great place to raise a family. Sadly, children that are raised in this area are, in my opinion, exposed to the dark side of people that children shouldn’t be exposed to; as I said, not a great place to raise a family.


Michaela Ann M.

The Boonies

This neighborhood is WAY out of the way. I never even feel as if I’m in San Francisco when I head here, which is rare. Seems people live here because of how affordable it is.


Gena F.

Bleak for now

Another neighborhood that can’t shake its bad rap. Just give it time and young couples will be snatching up the real estate here but for now it’s pretty bleak