Anza Vista

By Nabewise


Anza Vista is a small residential nabe in the heart of San Francisco. Homes here are modest in size and many residents enjoy views of the cityscape from this hilltop community. Tucked away behind a shopping plaze, Anza Vista is also home to Kaiser Permanente Hospital, which brings heavy traffic to this otherwise quiet spot.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Clean 75
Empty nesters 67
Public Transportation 65
Safety 60
Families 59

Lowest – Score out of 100

Green space 31
Singles 31
Shopping 30
Nightlife 30
Income 29

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Location, location, location!

A visit to the doctors office at Kaiser usually finds me frantically searching for parking along the streets of Anza Vista. I can’t say it’s the the coolest SF nabe but a lovely residential community with a great location. The homes here lack the charm of the Victorians and Edwardians found in most neighborhoods but they are good sized and it’s quiet. The city’s version of a strip mall is here and Trader Joe’s is within walking distance…a major plus!

Gena F

Tony's Cable Car Restaurant, worth the trip

This nabe isn’t awesome, but it’s definitely not awful. There’s a pretty constant flow of people, Geary tends to be a busy street at almost any point, and Kaiser has a huge hospital there. Trader Joe’s is also a big cause of congestion, usually taking up the left lane on Masonic for at least a block. If you’re in the neighborhood be sure to check out Tony’s Cable Car Restaurant. It’s in the shape of a cable car, and the vanilla milkshakes are delicious (but be warned, they’re really sweet)! If you do happen to pop in there, the short old man behind the counter, probably wearing a Giants hat is named Sam and he’s a sweetheart! Best of all, they have their own little parking lot, because parking in this area can be a nightmare!

What's awesome


What's not so awesome


Kati S

Indicative of Itself

This area is weird to me. A lot of the shops in the neighborhood are crowded and full of rude people with no sense of boundaries. I just feel claustrophobic here. I steer clear whenever I can.

Peter T

Center of the City

Anza Vista is that point in San Francisco where it seems like everything meets. If you’re a Kaiser member you’ll always find yourself somewhere in the neighborhood. Parking can be difficult during the day, but once the traffic from the hospital dies down it’s nicer in the evenings and much quieter.

It’s not the coolest or trendiest neighborhood. Probably most suited for families or empty nesters. There are a couple of interesting little restaurants that have arrived in the neighborhood, but nothing fancy.

Kristine J