Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

By Nabewise


Bay Ridge is a neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn bordered by Upper New York Bay and the residential nabe, Dyker Heights. Bay Ridge is home to a higher than average number of multi-generational families, which gives the nabe a strong sense of local pride and a refreshingly-down-to-earth vibe.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Families 90
Safety 89
Clean 78
Seniors 75
Dining 74

Lowest – Score out of 100

Shopping 53
Parking 50
Public Transportation 42
Singles 33
Income 13

Top Reviews from Travel Rentals Neighborhoods

Just moved here and very happy.

We picked Bay Ridge over other neighborhoods because you get so much more square footage for your dollar compared to parkslope, prospect heights, windsor terrace, etc.

We live on a very quiet street but everything we need (grocery, restaurants, pubs, laundry, banks, clothes, hardware, R train) is just a block or two from our house.

and just a 30 minute train ride to the more trendy areas of brooklyn.
We feel very safe raising our 3 year old son here.

What's awesome

Our apartment is huge and we’re paying $500-$1000 less than what we’d pay for a shoebox in park slope.

The residential streets are charming and quiet, the commercial streets are clean and have all the modern conveniences.

What's not so awesome

Not many movie theaters close by, not many places to see live music, but i guess that’s what the R train is for.

Keith N

Most Under-Rated

One of the safest nabes in BK with tons of great shopping, a plethora of great restaurants, some (fist pumping) bars/clubs, amazing waterfront, great for runners, skaters, golfers, tennis players and children of all ages. The only downside to this neighborhood is the lack of public transportation and proximity to Manhattan.

What's awesome

Parks, Views, Safety

What's not so awesome

Lack of public transport, lack of street parking


Bay Ridge

This is a quiet neighborhood. Becoming more ethnically diverse. On the main commercial avenues, there are lots of shops and restaurants, but they are not trendy. It’s not really a place I would choose to hang out.

Jayme Gordis

My friend used to live in Bay Ridge, and it was always pleasant visiting him in the neighborhood. Despite limited subway access (only the R below 59th St.), it’s not that bad of a place to go to. I always felt safe, even during the late hours. 4th Ave. is a main thoroughfare through Bay Ridge and is pretty busy, but walk east or west and it becomes quiet. Definitely check out Bangkok Thai House (6735 3rd Ave.) if you’re in the area. Best Thai food around.Matt C

Bay Ridge is the one of the safest and most family-oriented neighborhoods in NYC. There is no other place that I would have raised my children. They went to Xaverian High School and now one of them is at NYU while the other lives in Manhattan and works as a lawyer. I am so proud of them and I never have to ask them to come visit. They always tell me how much they miss being at home but they’re here almost every weekend!Kasey

My boyfriend grew up in Bayridge so we visit his parents every now and then. Walk down Shore Road and look at the old houses or walk up the beautiful step streets. It’s a great area but it’s totally under-appreciated since its pretty far from the city.carrie


Im not sure why Nabewise lists Bay Ridge in the 50’s for Green/Parks. The entire western border is filled with parks and a dedicated bike /walking path.

I assume its due to the lack of local involvement on this site

What's awesome

Shore Road, tennis courts with no wait, public golf, etc

What's not so awesome

Lack of movies, no weekend x-bus

paul m