Fordham, The Bronx

By Nabewise


Fordham is home to two of the most frequented tourist destinations in the Bronx–The New York Botanical Garden and The Bronx Zoo–as well as the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University. The neighborhood is dominated by the bustling Fordham Road: an extended length of shops, vendors, and transit. The 4, B, D, Metro-North, and many bus lines all serve the area.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Shopping 85
Public Transportation 79
Nightlife 65
Public Schools 63
Dining 63

Lowest – Score out of 100

Empty nesters 27
Seniors 26
Parking 21
Quiet 13
Income 1

Top Reviews from Travel Rentals Neighborhoods

Fordham is loud, crazy and dirty! But the shopping is really good, you can find things at great prices. Plus, it’s easy to get to and there are many offices. There are chain restaurants, including an Applebee’s and a Dallas BBQ. It’s a great neighborhood to visit in my opinion but not really for living… it’s far too hectic.Josie M

I visited Fordham Road once and exactly once before realizing very quickly that it is not the kind of place that a person like me should visit. Its loud, even louder than it should be, and seems degrees warmer than any other place in the Bronx. Shop elsewhere.Paul N

The Capital of the Bronx

The neighborhood of Fordham could easily be characterized as the capital of the Bronx. It is a major retail center for Bronx residents, and is also home to several offices. Its main street, Fordham Road, is almost always packed with cars, buses, and shoppers. Fordham is, in a word, hectic.

The retail shopping in Fordham is beyond compare, with upscale selections such as the Gap and smaller retailers that sell clothing of a more “urban” style. There are many restaurants, ranging from small, family-oriented Hispanic restaurants to major chains such as Applebee’s and Dallas BBQ. A large open-air flea market calls Fordham Plaza its home. Coffee carts, churro carts, and “coco-cherry-mango” carts dot the landscape like clouds in a painting.

The neighborhood’s constant buzz causes it to err slightly on the unsafe side. Students from Fordham University can also be seen buzzing about on their way to Manhattan or Metro-North. As a result, there is a heavy police presence, despite the crowds.

It is a good neighborhood to visit, but perhaps not so in which to live. It is very crowded, apartments are packed quite tightly, and it is almost always loud. A loud, energetic family would find a nice place to live here. The neighborhood is also quite bad for seniors, given that its West Bronx location makes it quite hilly. Fortunately, public transportation options abound, providing links to Manhattan, Westchester, and all parts of the Bronx.