Mid Cambridge

Mid Cambridge

By Nabewise

As its names suggests, Mid Cambridge is in the heart of Cambridge proper, surrounded by such hotspots as Harvard and Iman Squares. It is a densely populated, residential area with single family homes, brownstones, and apartment buildings of all sizes. Mid Cambridge is a leafy green nabe despite its high density and boasts some fabulous running/walking trails, as well as a very convenient proximity to several commercial centers. Famous universities and museums here bring a little culture and sophistication to the area. Mid Cambridge is served by T stations in Central Square and Harvard Square.

Mid Cambridge Data

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Top Attributes
  • Safety
  • Singles
  • Clean
  • Nightlife
  • Public Transportation
Lowest Attributes
  • Pet friendly
  • Seniors
  • Community
  • Income
  • Empty nesters

Mid Cambridge Articles and Reviews

Middle of the road

This is a high-density area with standard triple-decker houses that are often split into apartments. But when you need an escape from the high volume of residents, you can hop over to Inman or Harvard Square, which border this nabe. The Cambridge Public Library and Cambridge City Hall are nearby too, but there isn’t a strong sense of connectedness or community. What the neighborhood lacks in these though, it makes up for with its great location and decently priced housing.

What's awesome


What's not so awesome

densely packed

Heather V.


Owing to Harvard’s presence in the nabe, the businesses and architecture reflect the character of this prestigious university. Bars and eateries abide around the campus and along Massachusetts Avenue. The restaurants either serve healthy meals for students without the time for a long meal, and others take the high road and exemplify some of the finer class in dining that Boston has to offer. When not entertaining family or special guests, the students step out to the old-time public houses or the Farmers Market at Harvard. If your college-age or given to intellectual conversation, then Mid Cambridge is the place for you.

Gray H.


The Heart of Cambridge

Mid Cambridge is the residential part of Harvard Square where neat little single family homes, brownstones, and small apartment buildings line the tidy, green sidewalks. There is a large population from nearby Harvard, including undergrads, grad students, professors and their families, and other intellectuals. There isn’t a strong sense of community as many of the residents are renters however everyone is very pleasant. Although the nabe is mostly houses, it is very close to Harvard Square and Inman Square; in my opinion, this is the ideal situation with peace and quiet at home and a little nightlife a few blocks away. It’s easy to get to the red line from here but you’ve pretty much got everything you need within blocks!

Mallory C.