Mott Haven, The Bronx

Mott Haven, The Bronx

By Nabewise


Flanked to the south by The Major Deegan Expressway, to the east by the Bruckner Expressway, and to the west by the Harlem River, Mott Haven is located at the extreme southern section of the Bronx. Though its proximity to Manhattan makes it convenient to commuters, avid shoppers tend to stick around, as The Hub on the nabe's northern end is a thriving shopping area. Mott Haven is served by the 2, 4, 5, and 6 lines.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Public Transportation
Public Transportation 75
Community 65
Dining 54
Shopping 54
Artists/Creatives 50

Lowest – Score out of 100

Families 34
Empty nesters 33
Seniors 31
Green space 30
Income 0

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The New Spot for the Cool Kids

Mott Haven is the latest stop on the gentrification tour of the city. Its proximity to Manhattan, one stop away on the subway, makes this the ideal neighborhood forHarlem expatriates. If Harlem has become too straight-laced for the artist in you, Mott Haven is the place to go. Its rugged, cracked streets are home to charming brownstones and renovated factory buildings. Art galleries are sprouting like dandelions.

The neighborhood is gentrifying slowly, however. It is still zoned as an industrial area, and hasn’t had much housing construction. Long time residents have yet to be priced out, and there is still the plague of poor schools and crime. There is still public housing, and still several highways slicing through the neighborhood. Because of its slow gentrification, cafes and coffee shops remain few, except for a few neighborhood mainstays such as Alexander’s Cafe and the Bruckner Bar and Grill. Starbucks and Whole Foods are far out of the question, for the time being.

The neighborhood lacks greenery, except for a few street trees and community gardens. It tends to get very warm during the summer months. Nightlife seems to be the big draw, with the bar and a few other bars popping up in the area.

I would recommend Mott Haven to a particularly adventurous hipster that can see past the stereotypes of the Bronx, and move forward.

Amelia Z.

Well to tell you the truth Mott Haven is a low income residential neighborhood. The cost of living is not that bad depending in the area in Mott Haven . The usual apartments Studios to 3bedrooms (in Prewar apartment) They run from $850-$ 1800. The Private houses I really don’t know . Of course we have Public housing which depends on your income.

I have lived here for the last 9 years in a privately owned building and Mott Haven has made major improvements with new buildings being renovated. More ethic groups have been moving in .The pluses it in the hub of a major shopping area,Hospital,Fire station and Police Department. You can find any type of transportation to get here.The buses are the BX19,BX17,BX4,BX21,BX41,BX15,BX2,AND BX55. The trains are the 2 and 5 to 149st and 3rd ave and the 4 train to 149st Grand Concourse. Parking is not bad we have three major parking garages when street parking get difficult.

I do have to say we do have a Beautiful Park next to everything St.Marys Park. St Mary’s Park is one of the six original parks in the Bronx. St. Mary’s Park offers Tennis and Handball courts, Baseball and Soccer Fields, Basketball courts,Track and Three children playgrounds. St Mary also has a Recreation center that offers a gym, pool and several fitness classes. My favorite part about St. Mary there is plenty of grass for picnics and Barbecuing. During the summer they offer Center Stage which free concerts in the park. That when you see the Community come out and have a great time.

Education We have loads of schools around the area. We have three Colleges Hostos Community College,College of New Rochelle and Boricua College.

The minus about living in the area will be the Drug Addicts asking for money in each corner. Due to the fact We have three Drug Rehabilitation Centers in two block span of each other. Why they did it that way is beyond me.It’s very noisy due to the fact we are next to Lincoln Hospital,Fire station and Police Department. The Less nice area is When you go pass 144st that when you go into the Projects(Public Housing).

I’ll have more to add but I add it later in another review on Restaurants in the area.Jahida G.

Previous neighbor/ community business owner

If you have a eye for the future Mott haven will be back like Harlem , but you have to get there today ,tomorrow will be to late prices will rise

What's awesome

This neighborhood is coming back

Ada. L R.

On The Hub

Previous reviews have alluded to the recent and certainly ongoing trend of transforming the South Bronx into something wild and beautiful and trendy. One of the more compelling developments, established in 2006, is the 3rd Avenue BID, or theHUB, as it’s known by most.

The HUB is a remarkable area due to its size and quality of selection. It’s the Bronx’s answer to Times Square, populated by major chains and small vendors and people selling “ice-cold water” at every corner. It’s charming, and acts as exactly the sort of thing that you don’t want to have changed with the inception of the South Bronx as a new nexus of upscale development.

As it stands now, the Hub is an essential place for residents of Mott Haven and much of the Bronx. I like it, and chances are that if you ever venture there, you will too.

Ricardo B.