Waterfall In New Jersey 3 Beautiful Waterfall

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waterfall in new jersey

Wetumpka Falls Waterfalls in New Jersey

Wetumpka Falls is a pretty waterfall in New Jersey.

Wetumpka Falls is a roughly 50 foot high waterfall located along Stony Brook in the town of Watchung in Somerset County New Jersey.

Wetumpka is an Indian word meaning tumbling or rumbling waters.

An old

Top 10 The Cleanest Countries in The World

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The Cleanest Countries in The World

Do you wish to know the top 10 cleanest countries in the world? According to environment performance index, a survey was recently conducted and they have declared their scores with switzerland topping the list. Other countries that follow switzerland would include sweden, norway, finland, costa rica, new zealand, france, columbia,

Onizuka Space Museum

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The space museum to see while on the Big Island. Learn the history of Hawaii's first astronaut.

On January 28, 1986 all eyes were glued to their television sets as the Challenger began to launch into space. Suddenly tragedy struck as the Challenger exploded before it could exit the Earth's

Review of the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio

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Review of the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio

The Great Wolf Lodge is a resort hotel with an indoor water park. Is the hotel what a vacation is made of?

Recently, my family and I spent the night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. My aunt and uncle graciously gave us a night's stay at the

Midwest Scenic Train Rides for the Family to Enjoy

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The Midwestern United States has several scenic train trips for a vacationing family to enjoy. Each train ride is special in its own way and showcases the history or landscape of a region.

Come aboard these scenic trains when you are visiting the Midwestern United States.

Lumberjack Steam Train

Lumberjack Steam Train, Laona,

Walt Disney World

Eating for Free at Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World is offering free dining. How exactly does this work? Is this a good deal? Compare free dining to other offers to see how much you would or would not save.

Disney is offering one of the most sought after promotions of the year: Free Dining.  But what

How to Do Washington, DC in One Day

How to Do Washington, DC in One Day

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On a rainy spring Saturday, we did a whirlwind tour of the “must see” sites and had a wonderful time.

First time visitors to Washington, D.C. will inevitably discover that there is more to see and do in this great city than their schedules can possibly allow.  Indeed, the city

Gooseberry Falls

Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Minnesota

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Minnesota is known as “The Land of Lakes” but it has its share of beautiful and scenic waterfalls.

In the Dakota Sioux language Minnesota is the word for “w

ater” and while Minnesota is better known for its 10,000 lakes it does have some very nice waterfalls primarily along its

South Florida

South Florida

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If you're thinking about a vacation to Florida, try visiting places like the Florida Keys and Miami.

One of the best places to visit over in that “red state” and no longer run by lil' brother are the Florida Keys. It's a breathtakingly scenic drive due south along the Overseas

The East Bay’s Vintage Movie Theatres

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Elmwood Theatre at Night
Elmwood Theatre at Night, photo by JoeInSouthernCA

Back in the day, practically every main street in America had its own little piece of Hollywood. Before television, the internet, and smart phones, glamorous single screen movie theatres were a dime a dozen. Now few and far between, these vestiges of the …

Atlanta’s East Lake

A farm in the city—Atlanta’s East Lake builds an urban farm

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East Lake is upping the ante on unique additions to a neighborhood. This community is known in Atlanta as being an up-and-coming neighborhood for young couples and families—a perfect location for those wanting to be in-town without the high price tag. In recent years, this neighborhood has added a few …

youtube tv

YouTube TV

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YouTube TV is a paid membership

It also includes DVR without storage space limits. In this video we'll show you how to sign up and customize YouTube TV. To sign up for YouTube TV
from your computer, visit tv.youtube.com and click on TRY IT FREE to begin the free trial. …

ncredible lenticular cloud formation on the top of this mountain

Wonders in the World of Nature

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Nature is a miraculous creation that accommodates some unusual and wondrous sights occurring in the framework of the whole universe.
This is a mysterious creature found living in the flowing glacier in Hokkaido, Japan. This creature survives at the temperature of minus two. It is a type of plankton. It …

flying fish at the Pike Place Market

Family Fun in Seattle on a Budget

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See Seattle without breaking the bank.

Having family fun in Seattle on a budget.

You're planning a family trip to Seattle and you want the most entertainment for your dollar. Who do you ask for ideas? Locals, of course. Here's a local's list of fun things to do and ways

seal rock sf

Best Places to Kiss in San Francisco

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The time is approaching for couples to celebrate the sweet holiday of St. Valentine’s Day. Though each and every day should be special with the one you love, Valentine’s Day is the one day each year which should be even better!

San Francisco or as the locals would call it, …

travel - Best Buy

Bestbuy.com for traveler

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Best Buy is the most well known family of electronics housed and living under one roof. Best Buy is a one-stop shop for digital cameras, DVD players, Garmin gps, TV's, laptops and much more. In the field of electronics and accessories, Best Buy is the clear leader in popular brand …

budget rent car deals

What is Budget Rent A Car?

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Budget Rent A Car has 800 car rental offices in the US, in different states. Headquartered in New Jersey, the brand offers customers affordable rentals on cars and vans. Internationally, the company not only owns several locations but also has 2,000 additional franchises. Customers can choose from a wide range …

Sephora Travel Kits

Sephora Travel Kits

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Once a girl discovers the makeup brand they rely on, the one that enhances their natural beauty and instills confidence, there is rarely any turning back. You can buy your favorite fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and bath and body products, or try something entirely new. Maybe you haven't discovered …

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Lessons From Your Neighborhood Dive Bar

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Objectively speaking, there’s not much to love about dive bars—most are dingy, dark and have a lousy drink selection. But you can’t help but fall for them, not just for the dollar drafts and the free popcorn, but because it’s your neighborhood bar, your place to kick your feet up