Tribeca, NYC


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Tribeca, also known as the “Triangle Below Canal” is located southwest of SoHo and is one of the most highly-desired nabes in the city. Once an industrial nabe, Tribeca experienced a flux of artsy folk back in the 70s and has since transformed into a hip Manhattan hotspot with reputable restaurants that don’t become busy until late in the night, trendy bars, and luxe high-rise apartments that house some of the city's finest.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Dining 85
Wealthy 85
Safety 84
Public Transportation 84
Gentrifying 83

Lowest – Score out of 100

Empty nesters
Singles 58
Green space 56
Parking 50
Seniors 43
Empty nesters 30

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just moved

just moved to tribeca with my french bulldog. we live in a studio and i like it so far nice neighbors no trouble getting around lots of shopping. lots of places to walk my dog. all in all good so far lets see how i like it in a couple of months,

Tory S.

This neighborhood, also known as the “Triangle Below Canal” is to the southwest of SoHo and one of the most highly-desired areas in the city. It is replete with high-end restaurants that don’t become busy until late in the night, trendy bars in old warehouses, and upscale high-rise apartments that house both celebrities and the wealthy alike. In addition to party-goers this is a great neighborhood for families because of its many parks and piers. But like many Manhattan neighborhoods, it is extremely expensive. Those with modest budgets had best look elsewhere.Beverly W.

One of downtown Manhattan's most livable nabes, at a price

If you are looking for a nabe in downtown Manhattan with more creature comforts than the Far West Village or Soho, but still full of character, then you’ll want to look at Tribeca. There is no shortage of great architecture, cobblestone streets, local restaurants (The Odeon, Bubby’s, Locanda Verde), coffee (La Colombe, Kaffe 1668), and shopping (Adeline Adeline, J.Crew Liquor Store, Steven Alan). But in addition to its charm, Tribeca is just a convenient place to live, with access to almost all major express subways, and creature comforts like Whole Foods and Bed Bath & Beyond.

The bad news is that all of this comes at a price, and rents here are among the city’s highest (in large part due to the young families lured by the great schools). There are plenty of expensive loft condos to be had, but when it comes to apartments, there just aren’t many options in Tribeca proper (west of Church Street). But, it’s worth a shot – it’s a sweet place to live.

What's awesome

Access to subways (1/2/3, 4/5/6, A/C/E, J/Z)
Close to Battery Park North & Hudson River Park
Local restaurants & coffee shops
Well-preserved architecture
Good public schools

What's not so awesome

Really expensive rents

Ashley B.


Tribeca is a wealthy and hip neighborhood on the lower west side of Manhattan . A lot of the residential homes are built loft-style, so you may find trendy bachelors, or wealthy playboys in TriBeCa. But you won’t be hard pressed to find families here either.

Some parts feel like NYC’s downtown with the cobblestone-like paved streets, while other sections of this nabe get lots of traffic and are loud and fast-moving.

Overall TriBeCa has a very trendy feel. It is a wealthy nabe, and living here won’t come cheap, but TriBeCa hosts some of the most beautiful homes in NYC.

What's awesome

trendy, cool homes, downtown feel

What's not so awesome


Richard H.

Having attended TriBeCa’s Stuyvesant high school during the early nineties and returned as a real estate agent in 2006, I have seen the neighborhood go through many changes. Many of the cities most exclusive furniture and design businesses are now located here, and the schools are some of the best in the city. TriBeCa’s unique character comes from its unique blend of artists, designers, architects, families and business people. As exclusive as this neighborhood has becoem over the last decade, it is still a real neighborhood. One where residents get to know their green grocers by first name, and neighborhood associations flourish. It is definitely one of my favorite parts of New York City.Roberto Gonzalez

Tribeca is very business-oriented. Has some nice houses, but there’s not a lot there for anyone who is not similarly business-minded. Near lots of great things, though, and has access to every train you could want.Danny L.