Manhattan Valley, NYC

Manhattan Valley

By Nabewise


A pocket nabe in the northern section of the Upper West Side, Manhattan Valley does in fact sit in a slight valley. While Manhattan Valley was long considered distinct from its surrounding nabes, in recent years, the nabe has been absorbed a vibe congruent with the rest of the Upper West Side. Manhattan Valley maintains a relaxed, down to earth feel that appeals to locals and visitors alike.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Green space
Green space 88
Ethnic 75
Quiet 75
Students 75
Families 66

Lowest – Score out of 100

Nightlife 50
Seniors 50
Shopping 44
Singles 44
Income 14

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Affordable and multicultural — large immigrant community too

Basically, the Upper West Side with a little more space and more affordable grocery/ dining options. I’ve always gone uptown from my place in the 80’s to shop at the enormous Whole Foods store that also just happens to be right by the 100th Street Candy Store (not pricey in quantities and will satisfy your sweets fix on the cheap!). Because quite a few families and singles/ students do decide to rent or buy housing in the area due to the reasonable prices and the close proximity to Central Park, a number of ethnic eateries, delis, and supermarkets (my favorites being Lucky Star and Bravo) have set up shop mainly for locals who maybe don’t want to make a trip to the Fairway’s or Zabar’s at least 20 blocks downtown.

Quite a few immigrants as well stake out their living quarters here, but really it’s a fantastic place for families who want that combination of affordable, comfortable living and great schools (there’s a Montessori school as well as 2 well-regarded public schools in the area). And due to the lack of aggressive commercial and residential real estate developments in the area, the neighborhood retains a sense of community that not many other nabes in this city could boast.

Betty J.

Right by the Park

It’s kinda like a west side version of East Harlem with the feel of Morningside heights and some lingering upper west-siders.

This nabe has a lot of potential to grow, considering the amount of young people in the area and the great location right by the park.

Richard H.

cool mix in the valley

There’s a cool mix of students (from columbia) and working class ppl here—makes this place feel more like Brooklyn (like Clinton Hill) than Manhattan, plus central park is right there, zing!!

Alex P.