Stuyvesant Town, NYC

Stuyvesant Town

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Stuyvesant Town is a massive housing development on the east side of Manhattan. Stuy Town, as locals call it, is visually a mix of imposing brick tower blocks and verdant open spaces, replete with amenities usually associated with swankier digs altogether symbolic of its changing place in a changing Manhattan.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Quiet 85
Safety 73
Ethnic 72
Families 70
Seniors 70

Lowest – Score out of 100

Dining 48
Empty nesters 41
Income 32
Shopping 25
Singles 17

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Its Own Community

Stuyvesent town is a real secluded region of NYC. The whole thing is basically its own housing development, but it is a real nice area for strolling, especially by the East River.

It is geographically in the corner of Manhattan, and seems that way from the atmosphere. You aren’t going to get many tourists around here, but there are pretty parks and places to play sports.

What's awesome


What's not so awesome


Richard H.

Beautiful by Day

I live on 15th between 1st and 2nd, which is arguably Stuy Town but no one really knows. By day, the neighborhood is awesome, Julia Stiles and Rachel Dratch walk around doing groceries. I feel really safe walking home at night, but I rarely go past Avenue B, and I wouldn’t recommend it. There are a few cool bars down that way, but not too much else as far as night life goes. Stuy Town at night circulates around the local New School dorm kids going to Papaya Dog and Hot & Crusty. During the day though, all the parks are beautiful, the L train is right there, and there are lots of street vendors around.

Polina M.

Stuy Town is great

I come down and visit a good friend of mine in Stuyvesant Town and it is really great. I live in Brooklyn and while it is a real pain to get there from where I live I imagine most people who live there do not work in Brooklyn, so that can’t be an issue. His apartment is wicked big and the whole “living in a park” thing is stellar. Also, there are black squirrels. If I could afford it I would move there in a heartbeat.

Nick G.

I loved living here, but the rent hikes were a real problem. If you can afford it Stuy Town is one of the best places in the city to live. So peaceful. Definitely one of the best places to raise a family in Manhattan.John P.

Stuy Town frustrations

The only redeeming quality of Stuy Town is the renovated apartments for a decent price. We have a nice kitchen and bathroom, and our bedrooms are fairly spacious.HOWEVER, the people who work for Stuy Town are unprofessinal and incompetent. Two months in a row they have overcharged us on our rent; probably hoping to make a buck on seemingly ignorant young residents. When we addressed the miscommunication, Stuy town was unapologetic and slow to fix the problem.

When we signed our lease we were promised all three rommates could pay seperately. This was not the case; because one of the roommrates is listed as an occupant rather than a tenant, they will not accept her form of payment. We spent 2 weeks calling and emailing management and legal, with little to NO response. The people we did get in touch with were unhelpful, unresponsive and curt. To add her as a tenant requires we renew our lease- which will certainly not be happening.

Stuy town filed for bankruptcy last year and I believe they’re trying to rip off their residents. DO NOT MOVE HERE. I’m sure they will jack up rent prices and continue to fail at customer service to stay afloat. To say the least, this has been an unpleasant, irritating experience and I will never live in Stuy town again.

In addition, they try and charge you for services like receiving packages etc. The only train close by is the L, therefore you spend a lot of time transferring subways. The surrounding area is OK, but certainly not worth the trouble we’ve gone through.

What's awesome

The space in our apartment

What's not so awesome

Stuy Town employees/management, location, fees