Sutton Place, NYC

Sutton Place

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Sutton Place spans a few blocks on the border between Midtown and the Upper East Side. Perched on the East River, Sutton Place is known as a home to some of New York's most elite residents. The elegant, historic buildings, well-manicured public parks and private grounds of Sutton Place are just a few hallmarks of the famous nabe.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Wealthy 100
Income 100
Seniors 88
Empty nesters 88
Safety 87

Lowest – Score out of 100

Public Transportation 55
Nightlife 50
Parking 44
Shopping 30
Singles 25

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Best place in the city

I moved to Sutton Place a year and a half ago from out of state with my family (including a 10 and 5 year old). We looked at a variety of neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester until we found our apartment in Sutton Place. A fantastic 87 year old building nearly across the street from Marilyn Monroe’s building in the 50’s, our street offered a park at the end, a view of the river, a playground 3 blocks north, and a subway 3 blocks west. With local and fantastic restaurants, plentiful shopping (including a BB&B and TJ Maxx), and nearly everything a family could want, we have been extremely happy. The neighborhood is somewhat close to the 59th Street Bridge on ramps which can make the streets crowded and loud (not the sidewalks) during rush hour, most of the time the neighbhorhood is quiet and friendly. We run into people we know nearly every day on the street and many of the shopkeepers know us by name. Highly recommended as a city oasis for suburbanites like us, the only real drawback is the high cost for rent. But, for a little piece and quiet, it’s worth it.

What's awesome

Clean, friendly, lots of conveniences. Great local restaurants and shops, many of which will remember you when you come in again and again.

What's not so awesome

Subway is a good walk but that is also a bonus as it makes the neighborhood more secluded. On ramps to the 59th street bridge can make for crazy trips across the street and backups, but if you aren’t driving it’s not your problem!

Sean H.

It’s a wealthy, urban place. My parents moved here when I was in high school. Naturally, art school was a huge relief for me (torture for my parents) from this unrelentingly bourgeois area. These are ultimately the people who’ll buy my stuff though so I guess I can’t hate on them that much.Tom B.

Secluded Sutton

Sutton place is a secluded area on NY’s upper east side that is often overlooked and forgotton. I’ve had cab drivers, who are unfamiliar with Sutton place, and have had to instruct them to continue going east.

Being at the eastern edge of Manhattan, you can find some great waterfront views of the east river. Sutton Place is almost completely residential, but it is not far from busier manhattan` nabes.

What's awesome

quiet, secluded, safe, gorgeous homes, waterside

What's not so awesome

boring, expensive

Richard H.

Sutton Place is a terrific place to live now that I am retired. We have great views out over the river, which is really very nice. Sutton is remote enough so that it is nice and quiet, which we love, but is close enough to the places we want to go in the city so that most trips are short. We love taking our grandchildren to the 57th Street Park to play. I go to shows and parties by taxi all the time. I love that there is no subway right here. It keeps the neighborhood relatively quiet.Annie S.